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15 Savory Casseroles That Make Perfect Busy Weeknight Meals

There are a lot of trends taking over the food world right now: Oat milk, CBD, mushrooms, chayote — we predicted most of them, but the one trend we didn’t see coming was the casserole. That’s right; your grandma’s go-to dish is back and trendier than ever. Whether they’re updated versions of vintage canned-soup casseroles or riffs on classic non-casserole meals, having a great casserole recipe (or 30) in your back pocket can make weeknight meals a breeze.

But with all the modern spins out there come casseroles with trendy ingredients most of us just don’t keep on hand (lookin’ at you, truffle oil). And when you just got home from work and know you have only three hours before it’s time to ask your kiddos to brush their teeth 10 times, the choice between a boring and basic casserole or going to the store for the one ingredient you don’t have usually results in the decision to order pizza online. That’s why we went on the hunt for a trove of tasty, inspired casserole recipes using staples we (and probably you) almost always have around — so you don’t have to make that dreaded last-minute run to the grocery store. You can thank us by figuring out how to convince a 6-year-old it’s faster to actually brush their teeth than just make it look like they did.

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