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21 Celebs Who Might Have Served You a Meal Before They Got Famous

Working at 15 or 16 as a server or behind the counter at a fast food joint is basically a right of passage, and if you thought celebrities were exempt from this, think again, because so many of your favorite celebs got their start as waiters or cashiers or busboys — you name it — in the food industry.

As for me, my first job was a rollerskating server at Sonic. I barely knew how to skate, and I definitely didn’t know how to stop. I would either wrap my arm around a pole to slow down or full stop by accidentally skating right onto the hood of someone’s car. (The latter only happened once by accident, I swear, and the owner of the car hated me for it.) It was a shitty job, but it paid well in tips (in one day, I would make anywhere from $50 to $75), and I worked with my best friend, so it could’ve been worse.

As for celebs, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt recently revealed that he started as a waiter at Bubba Gump. The Office star Jenna Fischer used to work as a cashier at Long John Silver’s. So it’s probably safe to say they’re more than familiar with the dread one feels when it’s their day to clean the restrooms or the feeling of driving with the windows rolled down to air your car out of the stench deeply embedded into your grease-stained uniform.

That said, here are some more of your favorite celebs who also worked in the very unglamorous, low-paying restaurant and fast food industry.

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