37 Delicious Recipes for All That Leftover Bacon You (Don't) Have

by Irina Gonzalez
Aug 15, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Yummy recipes for all that leftover bacon you (don't) have
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OK, we know what you're thinking. You don't even have to say it. There is pretty much no such thing as leftover bacon. Let's be real. Once those gloriously gleaming strips of heaven hit the table, they're gone.

But in the off chance that you ever do have a bacon surplus — or maybe if you're just looking to take your bacon game to new levels — there is definitely no shortage of ideas out there. Like, did you know that you can actually craft a regulation-size football out of bacon and mac and cheese? Yup, you read that right.

There are tons of food bloggers who are practically champing at the bit to get you to try their bacon-licious recipes, and we're happy to share some of our faves. Because from chocolate chip cookies to cauliflower, pretty much everything goes with bacon. 

Originally published April 2015. Updated August 2017.

1 /38: Maple-bacon crunch bar

1/38 :Maple-bacon crunch bar

Why not indulge in a little chocolate to start? This maple-bacon crunch bar is too good to share.

2 /38: Maple-bacon doughnuts

2/38 :Maple-bacon doughnuts

Whenever I'm craving a sweet breakfast, I turn directly to these maple-bacon doughnuts. Yum!

3 /38: Bacon-apple pie

3/38 :Bacon-apple pie

Ready to wow your guests? Serve this bacon-apple pie for July 4th (or all the time, really).

4 /38: Cauliflower with bacon

4/38 :Cauliflower with bacon

If you're trying to keep it on the healthy(ish) side, try this cauliflower with bacon.

5 /38: Bacon-filled bunny

5/38 :Bacon-filled bunny

Just because it's not Easter anymore doesn't mean you can't combine bacon and chocolate.

6 /38: Bacon-wrapped meatloaf

6/38 :Bacon-wrapped meatloaf

Combining your two favorite meats isn't a problem with this bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

7 /38: Chicken and bacon soup

7/38 :Chicken and bacon soup

Whenever it starts raining, I am definitely turning to this delish chicken and bacon soup.

8 /38: Bacon-chocolate cookies

8/38 :Bacon-chocolate cookies

The only thing that can make chocolate chip cookies better is bacon, duh!

9 /38: Bacon-avocado fries

9/38 :Bacon-avocado fries

Now you can combine your favorite fruit with your favorite meat thanks to bacon-avocado fries.

10 /38: Bacon-fried Oreos

10/38 :Bacon-fried Oreos

There's never been an easier or tastier dessert (IMO) than these bacon-fried Oreos.

11 /38: Bacon pull-apart rolls

11/38 :Bacon pull-apart rolls

For your next dinner party, you need to make these bacon pull-apart rolls.

12 /38: Potato-bacon bomb

12/38 :Potato-bacon bomb

Combining mashed potatoes and bacon in these "bombs" sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

13 /38: Bacon martini

13/38 :Bacon martini

Or you can start with a cocktail! Who in their right mind would say "no" to a bacon martini?

14 /38: Pumpkin-bacon ice cream

14/38 :Pumpkin-bacon ice cream

Since summer is just around the corner, let's all indulge in this pumpkin-bacon ice cream.

15 /38: Squash with bacon

15/38 :Squash with bacon

Summer squash, pumpkin, butternut squash... Any will work in this squash with bacon recipe.

16 /38: Bacon-topped flatbread

16/38 :Bacon-topped flatbread

I think the kids in particular will delight in this bacon-topped flatbread.

17 /38: Bacon cheeseburger

17/38 :Bacon cheeseburger

Well, let's all say it together: Summer isn't summer without a bacon cheeseburger.

18 /38: Bacon-wrapped chicken

18/38 :Bacon-wrapped chicken

Your typical weeknight dinner just got a whole lot more exciting with bacon-wrapped chicken.

19 /38: Bacon-sausage pancakes

19/38 :Bacon-sausage pancakes

I absolutely love these bacon-sausage pancakes for an easy breakfast on a stick.

20 /38: Bacon-brisket sandwich

20/38 :Bacon-brisket sandwich

A two-in-one leftovers idea! This bacon-brisket sandwich is absolutely amazing.

21 /38: Bacon, jam and havarti

21/38 :Bacon, jam and havarti

Sometimes you just want a simple snack, like this bacon, jam and havarti sandwich.

22 /38: Biscuits with bacon

22/38 :Biscuits with bacon

Is this a snack? Is this breakfast? Really, these biscuits with bacon are just delicious.

23 /38: Bacon-potato casserole

23/38 :Bacon-potato casserole

Who doesn't love a casserole? And a bacon-potato casserole is even better!

24 /38: Lamb and bacon pita

24/38 :Lamb and bacon pita

This lamb and bacon pita sounds pretty much like the perfect summer lunch to me.

25 /38: Bacon-chicken bites

25/38 :Bacon-chicken bites

Want a new spin on an appetizer? I'm in love with these bacon-chicken bites.

26 /38: Bacon-jalapeño poppers

26/38 :Bacon-jalapeño poppers

Snacking is always a pleasure when you make these bacon-jalapeño poppers.

27 /38: Bacon omelet muffins

27/38 :Bacon omelet muffins

If you love breakfast, then put a new spin on it with these bacon omelet muffins.

28 /38: Drunken beans and bacon

28/38 :Drunken beans and bacon

These drunken beans and bacon would make a great side dish or one-pot dinner.

29 /38: Bacon mac and cheese

29/38 :Bacon mac and cheese

It's bacon mac and cheese. Do I really need to say more?

30 /38: Bacon and tomato tart

30/38 :Bacon and tomato tart

This simple bacon and tomato tart would be fantastic with fresh farmers market tomatoes.

31 /38: Scallops with bacon

31/38 :Scallops with bacon

This fresh scallops with bacon dish is what summers are made of for me.

32 /38: Sweet potato and bacon

32/38 :Sweet potato and bacon

Don't you just want to indulge in this sweet potato and bacon when football season starts?

33 /38: Bean and bacon soup

33/38 :Bean and bacon soup

This simple bean and bacon soup makes for a great weeknight dinner.

34 /38: Bacon frittata

34/38 :Bacon frittata

This sweet potato and bacon frittata is so versatile that I'd have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

35 /38: Candied bacon

35/38 :Candied bacon

Because no one's ever going to argue when you serve up some bacon for dessert.

36 /38: Bacon chipotle chocolate truffles

36/38 :Bacon chipotle chocolate truffles

For when you need to tell that special someone, "I love you… almost as much as I love bacon."

37 /38: Boozy maple-bacon doughnut milkshake

37/38 :Boozy maple-bacon doughnut milkshake

Don't knock this big bacon-y masterpiece until you've tried it.


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