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A Complete Ranking of the Best Frozen Breakfast Foods

While we always have good intentions of waking up early to cook a made-from-scratch breakfast, the truth is, more often than not, we’re slamming that snooze button as soon as the alarm goes off. But going to work without breakfast is always a recipe for disaster (and one that inevitably leads to an expensive, indulgent lunch at 10 a.m.).

That’s why we’re thrilled the world of frozen breakfasts has seriously expanded since our first soggy breakfast burrito experience. These days, watery eggs and tough tortillas have been replaced with fluffy scrambles and tender wraps, and if you don’t feel like a burrito, you’re in luck. Frozen waffles, oatmeal and breakfast sandos are widely available at a higher quality than you might expect.

If you’re always running around frantically in the morning, stock your freezer with some of these tasty options. You’ll be able to grab something on your way out the door so you can start your day happy, not hangry.

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