Momosa cupcakes

by SheKnows
May 8, 2012 at 8:57 p.m. ET
Make the most of your Mother's Day celebration with these magnificent, mini, mimosa-flavored cupcakes.

1 /17: Assemble the cupcakes

1/17 :Assemble the cupcakes

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Place mini paper baking cups into mini muffin pan. Mix all ingredients with electric mixer on low for 30 seconds, then on medium for 2 minutes. Divide batter evenly into mini cupcake pans (about 2/3 full). Bake 13 - 15 minutes until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely then remove from pan, then remove paper baking cups from mini cupcakes.

2 /17: Make the frosting

2/17 :Make the frosting

In a large bowl, beat frosting ingredients with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth and creamy. Add food coloring last, after everything is mixed. Color to desired orange, mimosa hue.

3 /17: Mix sparkle gel

3/17 :Mix sparkle gel

Mix approximately 1 tablespoon of red Sparkle Gel with the entire tube of yellow Sparkle Gel to make orange.

4 /17: Paint champagne glasses

4/17 :Paint champagne glasses

With a small paintbrush, paint the insides of your champagne glasses with the orange Sparkle Gel.

5 /17: Make sprinkle bubbles

5/17 :Make sprinkle bubbles

Pour approximately 2 tablespoons of white Sprinkles inside the glass. Cup your hand over the top and shake the Sprinkles around to coat the inside of the glass.

6 /17: A glass of bubbly

6/17 :A glass of bubbly

This will give your dessert the "bubbly champagne" look of a mimosa.

7 /17: Frost the glasses

7/17 :Frost the glasses

Next, take a knife and gently frost over the Sprinkles inside each glass with the orange Mimosa Buttercream Frosting.

8 /17: Stack the cakes

8/17 :Stack the cakes

Using a fork, place one mini cupcake on the bottom of each glass.

9 /17: Frost the cakes

9/17 :Frost the cakes

Pipe a layer of frosting on top of the mini cupcakes inside the glasses.

10 /17: The second cupcake

10/17 :The second cupcake

Add another cupcake on top. Pipe the final layer of frosting on top of each cupcake in the glasses. Clean off the rims with a damp paper towel.

11 /17: Orange garnish tutorial

11/17 :Orange garnish tutorial

Cut the oranges in half. Scoop out the inside orange. Cut the peel halves into quarters (the same size as your alphabet fondant cutters that can be found at most baking supply stores, hobby & craft stores, Williams-Sonoma and

12 /17: M-O-M

12/17 :M-O-M

Alphabet fondant cutters

13 /17: Orange peel garnish

13/17 :Orange peel garnish

Cut out one set of M-O-M for each dessert glass.

14 /17: Skewer

14/17 :Skewer

Skewer each M-O-M onto a long cocktail toothpick. Cut orange-slice MOM letters will start to shrink & shrivel after a few hours. Soak them in water and keep them refrigerated until you're ready to garnish your champagne glasses.

15 /17: Double skewer

15/17 :Double skewer

You can also use 2 regular-sized toothpicks. I skewered the M-O-M onto one toothpick, and then inserted the tip of another one into the final M to give me the extension I needed.

16 /17: Momosa flair

16/17 :Momosa flair

Decorate your Momosas with assorted drink umbrellas and the completed orange peel M-O-M's on toothpicks.

17 /17: Happy Mother's Day

17/17 :Happy Mother's Day

A toast to Mom on her special day!