Holiday hostess gift ideas

by SheKnows
Sep 28, 2012 at 5:02 a.m. ET
After the guests have gone home, your hostess will need to relax. A cup of tea will be conveniently enjoyed with this electric kettle that boils water, no stove required. (Bloomingdale's, $75)

1 /9: Decorative wall plaque

1/9 :Decorative wall plaque

Warm wishes are always welcome. This simple wall plaque can easily be incorporated into any home’s decor. (, $48)

2 /9: Dessert goodies

2/9 :Dessert goodies

The dinner menu may already be planned, but you can’t go wrong in bringing dessert. Take a cookie jar filled with fresh cookies to be enjoyed by your hostess long after the party is over. (Target, $30)

3 /9: Playful appliances

3/9 :Playful appliances

Toasters often take flack as gift-giving faux pas, but this sexy toaster is changing the rules. If your host has a playful style, this toaster is the perfect choice! (Target, $25)

4 /9: Handmade soaps

4/9 :Handmade soaps

Luxury items are great gifts, and they don’t have to be expensive. Give your host a set of handmade soaps in luxury scents as a budget-friendly slice of heaven. (, $7)

5 /9: Seasonal decor

5/9 :Seasonal decor

Seasonal decor will dress up any home. Follow your hostess on Pinterest, and surprise her with a decorative item from her wish list, like these shimmering bird candles she would never splurge on herself. (Pottery Barn, $7-$10)

6 /9: Personalized bottle of wine

6/9 :Personalized bottle of wine

A bottle of wine is a classic gift choice. Dress it up with a personalized cozy, monogrammed with your host’s initials.

7 /9: Fresh herbs

7/9 :Fresh herbs

Give your hostess a gift that will keep on giving. A small planter filled with fresh herbs is a great addition to any kitchen. (, $33)

8 /9: Salt and pepper shakers

8/9 :Salt and pepper shakers

Playful salt and pepper shakers are always useful for entertaining. These snow-globe shakers will be conversation pieces on any table. (Z-Gallerie, $15)

9 /9: Decorative bottle stoppers

9/9 :Decorative bottle stoppers

Wine lovers will adore a set of decorative bottle stoppers. Get crafty to create your own, or shop vintage craft stores for handmade options. (, $16)