Out of the box macaron inspiration

by SheKnows
Dec 5, 2012 at 1:25 p.m. ET
Mmmm.... mutton. To make these sheep look "wooly" leave the macaron batter a little stiffer than usual. Then, pipe small clustered dollops of batter into circles.

1 /52: Sheep macarons

1/52 :Sheep macarons

To make these sweet little lambs, use mini Oreos for the heads, small candy eyes (found in most hobby and craft stores), a heart decorator candy for the nose,  black frosting for the ears, and black licorice for the legs.

2 /52: Blue bird macarons

2/52 :Blue bird macarons

Give yourself easy guidelines for piping your macarons. Draw or print out templates of shapes, and place them under your parchment paper. 

3 /52: Blue bird macarons

3/52 :Blue bird macarons

These blue bird macarons are filled with Nutella - a chocolate hazelnut spread found in the peanut butter aisle of most grocery stores. 

4 /52: Bumblebee macarons

4/52 :Bumblebee macarons

A simple yellow macaron becomes a bumblebee when you use black, edible food coloring markers. To make a stinger, just add a chocolate chip.

5 /52: Bumblebee macarons

5/52 :Bumblebee macarons

Some macarons look even better at a different angle. Carefully consider how you plan to plate and present your macarons if you're making them for a party.

6 /52: Bumblebee macarons

6/52 :Bumblebee macarons

Try arranging them on a plate in different ways until you like the results.

7 /52: Assorted Easter macarons

7/52 :Assorted Easter macarons

Springtime provides the perfect pastel color palatte for Easter macarons of any shape - eggs, flowers and of course, bunnies.

8 /52: Candy corn macarons

8/52 :Candy corn macarons

Macarons can be multicolored and multi flavored too, like this candy-corn inspired version.

9 /52: Carrot in dirt macarons

9/52 :Carrot in dirt macarons

The crushed Oreo "dirt" on top of this chocolate macaron is sprinkled over a mound of salted caramel filling. The carrot is an orange Mike & Ike candy with some green icing for the leafy tops.

10 /52: Carrot in dirt macarons

10/52 :Carrot in dirt macarons

Macarons can become edible art on the right canvas - choose unique and unexpected plates.

11 /52: Carrot macarons

11/52 :Carrot macarons

A small white colander works perfectly for holding and displaying these macaron carrots with green licorice tops

12 /52: Colorful macarons in clear tube

12/52 :Colorful macarons in clear tube

See why everyone love macarons? They're just soooooo pretty. Especially when you can display them in these clear plastic tubes.

13 /52: Colorful macarons in paper cone

13/52 :Colorful macarons in paper cone

Mini, bite-sized macarons are delightful. They're like potato chips - you can't eat just one.

14 /52: Easter egg macarons in basket

14/52 :Easter egg macarons in basket

These easter egg macarons would be a sweet treat in any bunny's basket.

15 /52: Easter egg macarons in carton

15/52 :Easter egg macarons in carton

When you pipe egg-shaped macarons, it helps to start in the middle and swirl your batter to the outside. 

16 /52: Easter egg macarons in carton

16/52 :Easter egg macarons in carton

Get creative with your packaging. Macarons don't always have to go on a plate.

17 /52: Easter egg macarons in carton

17/52 :Easter egg macarons in carton

They look super cute in an egg carton!

18 /52: Green and yellow swirled macarons

18/52 :Green and yellow swirled macarons

Experiment with mixing colors. Before putting the macaron batter in your pastry bag, paint 3 or 4 vertical lines of gel food coloring on the inside of the bag. Fill with your batter and pipe to see what you get.

19 /52: Green and yellow swirled macarons

19/52 :Green and yellow swirled macarons

Clear packaging really helps show off colorful macarons. Lots of cool options can be found at craft, hobby and party stores.

20 /52: Green and yellow swirled macarons

20/52 :Green and yellow swirled macarons

If there's one lesson I've learned from making macarons: expect imperfection. It's OK if you don't always get the ideal size, shape or color. Each one is unique and delicious.

21 /52: Ground hog macarons

21/52 :Ground hog macarons

Attach a mini chocolate chip to the face of a chocolate Teddy Graham with frosting, and add some white decorator candies for the teeth. Voila, you've got yourself a mini groundhog. The "dirt" on top of the macaron is a mixture of chocolate frosting and crushed Oreos.

22 /52: Ground hog macarons

22/52 :Ground hog macarons

Any plain, round macaron can go from cute to clever with the addition of seasonal or themed toppings.

23 /52: Hello Kitty macaron

23/52 :Hello Kitty macaron

To make these Hello Kitty macarons, draw or use a computer to make a template. Place it under your parchment paper, and use the shapes for a guide to pipe uniform macarons.

24 /52: Hello Kitty macaron

24/52 :Hello Kitty macaron

Draw Hello Kitty's face using edible color markers. Add a bow using pink triangle decorator candies.

25 /52: Humpty Dumpty macarons

25/52 :Humpty Dumpty macarons

Humpty Dumpty starts out as a white, egg-shaped macaron. Add the eyes and mouth using edible color markers. Dab a cotton ball in pink food coloring to make the rosy cheeks. Fill in the bottom half with teal royal icing. Add a line of white frosting for the belt. And use orange, triangle decorator candies for the bow tie.

26 /52: Humpty Dumpty macarons

26/52 :Humpty Dumpty macarons

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

27 /52: Humpty Dumpty macarons

27/52 :Humpty Dumpty macarons

Even a broken macaron is delicious.

28 /52: Itty bitty blue macarons

28/52 :Itty bitty blue macarons

Everything's cuter in miniature form, especially macarons.

29 /52: Itty bitty purple macarons

29/52 :Itty bitty purple macarons

These tiny, purple macarons are even sweeter topped with a little love.

30 /52: Jar full of macarons

30/52 :Jar full of macarons

Wanna really surprise someone on their birthday? Give them a jar full of colorful macarons!

31 /52: Macaron book packaging

31/52 :Macaron book packaging

Packaging macarons is an art form too. Hobby and craft stores have all kinds of great paper mache boxes you can use.

32 /52: Macaron book packaging

32/52 :Macaron book packaging

33 /52: Mickey Mouse macarons

33/52 :Mickey Mouse macarons

Mickey Mouse macarons are simple and fun. Just make a circle and add two small dollops of batter on top.

34 /52: Mickey Mouse macarons

34/52 :Mickey Mouse macarons

When making black macarons, start with a chocolate batter and add black gel food coloring.

35 /52: Purple ombre macarons

35/52 :Purple ombre macarons

Graduated colors - often called ombre - are a popular dessert trend.

36 /52: Purple ombre macarons

36/52 :Purple ombre macarons

To achieve ombre colors, split your macaron batter into three or four bowls and mix the colors separately.

37 /52: Purple ombre macarons

37/52 :Purple ombre macarons

Graduated colors are beautiful from the side, as well as the top.

38 /52: Rabbit macarons

38/52 :Rabbit macarons

Turn a simple, white macaron into the Easter bunny. For the ears, cut a mini marshmallow in half, dip the sticky cut edge into pink sanding sugar and attach the bottom to the macaron with a dab of frosting. Add eyes with a black edible food marker and attach a pink triangle decorator candy for the nose.

39 /52: Rabbit macarons

39/52 :Rabbit macarons

Bunny macarons. They're cute alone, or with friends. 

40 /52: Red bird macarons

40/52 :Red bird macarons

To get deep, rich, dark colors, use gel food coloring. Add it to the whipped egg white mixture before you add the almond flour and powdered sugar.

41 /52: Red bird macarons

41/52 :Red bird macarons

Remember, if you're going to do a shaped macaron like these birds, you need to pipe right and left images (reflective). Otherwise you'll end up with all tops, and no matching bottoms. 

42 /52: Snowmen macarons

42/52 :Snowmen macarons

Snowmen macarons are easy to decorate with edible food markers.

43 /52: Snowmen macarons

43/52 :Snowmen macarons

If you want to make your snowmen macarons stand upright, put a dollop of frosting on the bottoms to help "glue" them in place.

44 /52: Teacups filled with macarons

44/52 :Teacups filled with macarons

Mix macarons with assorted candies and you've got an extra-sweet treat.

45 /52: Turkey macarons

45/52 :Turkey macarons

Guests will gobble up these chocolate turkey macarons.

46 /52: Turkey macarons

46/52 :Turkey macarons

Sweet supplies needed for these turkeys include: candy corn, orange triangle decorator candies, red icing gel and edible food markers.

47 /52: Turkey macarons

47/52 :Turkey macarons

Chocolate ganaché is an easy, delicious filling for any macaron. Don't let the fancy french name fool you, ganaché is simple to make. 

48 /52: Very hungry caterpillar macarons

48/52 :Very hungry caterpillar macarons

Bring a classic children's book to life with this macaron version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

49 /52: Very hungry caterpillar macarons

49/52 :Very hungry caterpillar macarons

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is made with green and red macarons. The legs and antennae are shaped Tootsie Rolls. The nose is a mini chocolate chip. And the eyes are yellow oval decorator candies, colored with a green edible marker.

50 /52: Yellow chick macaron

50/52 :Yellow chick macaron

Cut a yellow jellybean in half, and you have wings for this little yellow macaron chick. Add some small candy eyes and a little orange beak, and he's good enough to eat.

51 /52: Yellow chick macaron

51/52 :Yellow chick macaron

A simple trick to keep macarons in place on a plate, if you ever need to transport them: Put a small dab of frosting on the bottom. It's like an edible glue.

52 /52: Carrot in dirt macarons

52/52 :Carrot in dirt macarons

Macarons can become edible art on the right canvas - choose unique and unexpected plates.