13 No-Cook Thanksgiving Appetizers That’ll Keep Your Guests Happy Until Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is the best meal of the year. Fittingly, it also requires a ton of advance preparation and day-of cooking. If you stay organized and gather all the necessary ingredients and recipes ahead of time, hosting a great Thanksgiving dinner can be a ton of fun — but even the most experienced cooks sometimes struggle to get the main course on the table in a timely manner.

To prevent hungry guests from constantly asking when dinner will be ready (or worse, hovering over you in the kitchen), it’s smart to put out a spread of appetizers that will keep people busy and happy while you put the finishing touches on the turkey. And there’s no reason these appetizers should add to your overall cooking load. To keep things as easy for yourself as possible, pick a few of the no-cook appetizers ahead for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Most of them travel well too, so they’re great if you’re not the one hosting.