4 Tasty things to do with jicama

Aug 22, 2011 at 2:23 p.m. ET

Certainly not the most attractive item in the produce aisle, jicama (also called yam bean) is a crisp, healthy, low-calorie vegetable (only 50 calories per cup) that Chef Randy Rabney, founder of TheConsciousPlate.com, considers one of the five vegetables you should be eating. Once you peel away the tough brown skin, you discover a refreshing almost sweet flesh that can add a tasty crunch to your weekly vegan meal plan. Here are four delicious things to do with jicama.

4 Things to do with jicama

1. Jicama sticks

A healthy alternative to chips, sticks of jicama deliver crunch satisfaction for far fewer calories. Peel jicama and cut into batons. Serve sprinkled with lime juice and paprika for Latin flair or dip into your favorite peanut sauce or salad dressing.

2. Jicama salad

Dice jicama or cut the veg into matchsticks to add to salads. You can even be adventurous and add it to fruit salad as a crisp counter to the tender fruit. Try this Jicama Peach Salad.

3. Jicama sandwich

Add crunch to your vegan lunch by layering your favorite seeded whole grain toast with sliced jicama, roasted peppers and a vegan cream cheese spread. Don't forget to cut jicama into strips and tuck into your everyday veggie wraps.

4. Jicama garnish

Because of jicama's hardy texture, you can slice it and use small cookie cutters to make fun shapes for your kids. Add jicama stars, animals, or letters to your kiddo's plate or school lunch.

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