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4 Tasty vegan food finds

Love trying new vegan foods? Check out what we found on our latest quest for tasty vegan food finds.
Love trying new vegan foods? Check out what we found on our latest quest for tasty vegan food finds.

4 Tasty vegan food finds

1. Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread

Add this delicious butter alternative to your vegan cooking and baking list. Natural Foods Merchandiser (NFM) selected this new spread as one of the Top 12 Vegan Picks from Expo West, the nation’s largest natural products trade show held in Anaheim, California earlier this year. Made from a similar formula to Earth Balance’s soy-based buttery spread, the coconut spread stands out because organic extra virgin coconut oil replaces the soybean oil. Best yet, it’s organic, non-GMO and more affordable than shelf-stable coconut oil. Look for Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread in stores this summer!

2. Dr McDougall’s Right Foods Asian Entrees

From fabulously flavored noodle entrees to pilafs to low sodium soups, Dr McDougall’s vegan food products are must-haves for your pantry. We particularly like the new Asian Entrees line. At only about 200 calories and without the heavy oil and salt you get at restaurants, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered going out for Asian food! Simply add water, microwave, and you’ve got a satisfying mouthwatering vegan meal. Our favorite: Spicy Szechuan Noodle (with our favorite veggies stirred in).

3. Lightlife Smart Dogs Veggie Protein Links

Perfect for the summer, these vegan dogs are delish right off the grill. Eat them outright or tuck them in a hot dog bun for a fun and filling vegan cookout meal. The regular size dogs are only 45 calories each, and if you’re really hungry, be sure to grab the Jumbo size, which weighs in at only 80 calories per link.

4. Ultra Lo-Gly Low Glycemic Juice Blend Beverage

In four refreshing flavors (pomegranate, mango mojito, acai-blue, and pomegranate mojito), Ultra Lo-Gly is a healthy juice drink, with a Glycemic Index 19 to 23, that won’t send your blood sugar levels soaring (or crashing). Made from real fruit and natural sweeteners, keep these in your fridge this summer to grab on the go to the beach or as a treat to drink while scaling mountains.

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