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5 Must-get vegan apps

Vegans will be delighted to see their array of apps that provide restaurants and recipes for their food needs.

Meat-eaters aren’t the only ones who can have fun with smartphone apps. The growing array of vegan apps is making it easier than ever to find vegan-friendly recipes, restaurants, personal care products, travel destinations, tips, and more. Here are five of MisoVegan’s favorite vegan apps.

5 Must-get vegan apps

1. Cruelty-Free

This free vegan iPhone app gives you on-the-go information on cosmetic, personal care, and household companies that are certified cruelty-free. Search or browse vegan-friendly companies and get the direct links to their websites.


2. Be Nice To Bunnies

Another vegan iPhone app, PETA’s Be Nice To Bunnies app caused quite a stir with the racy promo from Stephanie Pratt, outspoken animal advocate and star of MTV it series The Hills(she’s naked on the PETA site yet clothed on iTunes). The vegan apps’ searchable database provides a “Do” and “Don’t” test list format of all products as well as the ability to search for cruelty-free makeup, hair care, household cleaners, pet care and more.


3. Vegan Recipes

A Droid app that boasts literally over 1 million vegan recipes, Vegan Recipes gives you the ability to find whatever vegan foods you’re craving plus the many vegan recipes to make them.


4. VegOut

From the folks at Happy Cow, an online compassionate eating guide, the VegOut app is available for iPhone, Android, and Palm. This vegan app gives you the skinny on where to find vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants around the world. It’s one of the most convenient vegan-friendly apps made for hungry vegans and vegan wannabes.

Price: $2.99

5. Veggie Passport

When you’re traveling abroad, take the fear of eating non-vegan foods with this vegan-friendly app for iPhone. With Veggie Passport you can forget the tongue-twisting experience of communicating your vegan needs to waiters, dinner hosts, and friends while you’re overseas. Use this veg app to translate your vegan dining needs in 33 different languages — a must-have app for vegan travelers.


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