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Top Vegan Recipes

You asked for it, so we’ve compiled some of the very best and most popular vegan recipes here on MiSo Vegan. Below you’ll find vegan recipes organized by some of the most popular categories.  We are adding new recipes daily, so make sure to check back often and share some of your own!


Breakfast recipes:

Some of our very favorite recipes to start your day!

    • Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Starters & Appetizers:

These top the list for our tastiest vegan appetizers and starters.

    • Vegan Bread Recipes
    • Vegan Appetizer Recipes
    • Vegan Salad Recipes
    • Vegan Soup Recipes

Main Dish Recipes:
These main dish meal ideas will be a hit at your dinner table!

    • Vegan Pasta Recipes
    • Vegan Pizza Recipes
    • Vegan Sandwich Recipes
    • Vegan Dinner Recipes

Delicious Sides:
Sometimes the sides are the best part! Enjoy these delicious vegan side dish recipes.

    • Vegan Side Dish Recipes

Specialty Recipes:
Whether it’s a seasonal recipe you’re looking for, or a vegan-friendly snack, we have you covered!

    • Vegan Drink Recipes
    • Vegan Holiday Recipes
    • Vegan Snack Recipes
    • Healthy Vegan Recipes

Sweets & Desserts:
Always save room for dessert! These mouth-watering dessert recipes will be a hit on any occasion.

    • Vegan Baking Recipes
    • Vegan Dessert Recipes
    • Vegan Cake Recipes

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