Shirt and tie quesadilla

This easy Mexican treat makes a fun, kid-friendly lunch for Father’s Day!

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Surprise Dad by making these easy, Father’s Day quesadillas. Just cut, stuff, fold, heat and accessorize. Savory or sweet, they’re the perfect Dad’s Day treat.

Sweet or savory shirt and tie quesadilla


  • Large tortilla shells or wraps (flour, spinach or sun-dried tomato)
  • Optional fillings: shredded cheeses, cooked chicken, baby spinach, feta cheese, green onions, apple pie filling
  • Tie accessories: yellow cheese, white cheese, green pepper, caramel, chocolate chips



Cut and fold the tortilla

Cut a rectangle shape from any large tortilla shell or wrap.

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Approximately 1-inch from the top edge, make cuts on the left and right sides that are 1/3 the width of the rectangle.

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Cut the top corner squares off.

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Fold the two larger sides into the middle to form the shirt.

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Take the top corners, folding down at a slight angle, and crease to form the shirt collar. The tips should touch each other and align with the top edge of the shirt.


Fill and heat the quesadilla

Unfold and fill with desired fillings in the shirt area.

Shirt and tie quesadilla

Refold over toppings. Place on a plate and microwave for 35-45 seconds. Accessorize heated quesadilla shirts with edible ties. Ties can be cut from cheeses, vegetables (green peppers, celery, avocado or carrots) or candy (caramel, chocolate or Tootsie Rolls.)



Chicken and cheese

Spinach and feta

Apple pie

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