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In a pickle: What to do if it rains at your BBQ

You’ve been planning a cookout with friends and family for weeks now — only to see that rain is in the forecast. Instead of canceling, make the most of it!

Indoor BBQ

Finding out that it’s going to rain on the day of your barbecue is almost as bad as finding out it’s going to rain on the day of your wedding (OK, maybe not quite as bad).

Still, a little rain doesn’t have to ruin the entire day. Keep a positive attitude and make the most of the situation. Friends and family know you have absolutely zero control over the weather, and they certainly will be happy to come over anyway. Here, we’ll look at a few things you can do to salvage the day if it just so happens to rain on your barbecue.

board games

Move the barbecue inside

Who says barbecues have to be outdoors? Not us! We think there’s nothing wrong with cooking burgers on the stove or moving the grill to the garage. If you know it’s going to rain in advance, you could pick up an indoor grill and clear out some space in your living room or even purchase a large, outdoor shade to cover up the grill and your chairs.

Have a few games to play

Since outdoor games like beer pong and corn toss will be off-limits, have a few games prepared that you can play inside. As long as the drinks are flowing, no one will mind sitting around the dining room table instead of outside on the deck. Again, it’s all about keeping a positive attitude and enjoying the company of friends and family.

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Turn it into a potluck party

If you were planning on grilling burgers and providing a bunch of outdoor sides, like watermelon, potato salads and chips, make sloppy Joes instead and have everyone bring a side of their choice. This gives the party a bit more variety and takes some pressure off of you to have to cook everything in the kitchen.

crockpotThe slow cooker is your friend

If you were planning on having ribs, beef brisket or pork tenderloin, throw it in the slow cooker midmorning if rain is expected to come your way. You’d be surprised at how juicy and tender the slow cooker cooks the meat, and we love that it requires little to no effort on your part!

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Change the time, not the day

Hopefully, the rain won’t last all day. In fact, it’s pretty rare to have a consistent downpour all day long. Call up your guests in advance and ask if they wouldn’t mind changing the time by a few hours. If it’s not expected to rain until the evening, invite everyone over for an afternoon barbecue. If rain is in the forecast midmorning to early afternoon, have guests arrive closer to dinnertime. Given the circumstances, most everyone will be able to accommodate. And if not? Keep the barbecue at its pre scheduled time, pour yourself a drink (or five) and enjoy!

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