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Refreshing organic coconut mint cooler

Jess Smith

This summer, whether you are looking for a satisfying start to your day, a quick afternoon pick-me-up or an evening cocktail, try a combination of coconut and mint to help stay cool.

Have you tried coconut water? This clear liquid with a subtly sweet, nutty flavor comes from fresh coconuts and is getting increasing attention for its potential health benefits and great flavor. Fans love the drink after working out or spending time in the heat. It is now widely available in fresh, raw form and in bottled, pasteurized varieties. Use organic coconut water and organic fresh mint leaves for these super-hydrating and refreshing drinks that are designed to keep you feeling cool throughout a hot summer day.

Simple coconut mint cooler

Simple coconut mint cooler

For a simple, refreshing drink that stores well in the fridge for up to three days, just combine fresh coconut water with a handful of fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of fresh lime. If you prefer your drinks a bit sweeter, stir in your sweetener of choice just before serving over ice.

Tropical coconut mint smoothie

Tropical coconut mint smoothie

Cocount water, with its tropical origins, pairs beautifully with other tropical fruits. Pulse coconut water and a few sprigs of fresh mint with bananas, pineapple or mango until smooth. The flavors are tropical enough to bring up thoughts of beach vacations and poolside cabanas. Put an umbrella in the top, and you might as well be in the Caribbean!

Coconut mint mojito

Coconut mint mojito

After a hot day in the summer sun, cool off with this coconut mint mojito. In a glass, muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves and a tablespoon of light brown sugar (more if you prefer your drinks sweeter). Add ice cubes and fresh coconut water and stir to combine. You can serve this fun, flavorful drink as is or add a shot of rum for a cocktail. These are great for a crowd — simply mix up a large batch in a glass pitcher and serve with extra mint sprigs and limes on the side. Happy summer sipping!

Tasty tip:

While coconut water in its natural form is a great choice during the summer, be sure to read the label on the variety you buy. Some brands contain added sugars or flavors that easily bring their caloric content up into the realm of sodas’. If you happen to have access to fresh, whole coconuts, drill a hole in them and drink the water straight from the source!

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