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Top 21 savory grilling recipes

12. Spinach feta chicken burgers with rosemary mayo

Spinach feta chicken burgers with rosemary mayo

And if you’re not a fan of red meat — here is your version of a mouthwatering burger. The rosemary spice and feta cheese saltiness melts into the chicken for a perfect summer sandwich.

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13. Fried egg and asparagus sandwich


We know, we know. Fried eggs and grilled asparagus sound a little crazy. But this sandwich is a vegetarian’s dream. Toast the bread and add some gooey cheese, and you won’t be thinking we’re crazy anymore!

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14. Grilled Greek chicken pitas with simple tzatziki sauce

Grilled Greek chicken pitas with simple tzatziki sauce sauce

Switch things up with a pocket pita. Our recipe calls for tender grilled chicken, tangy tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion and lettuce. Make it your own by adding cheese or more summer fresh veggies. It’s all Greek to us!

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15. Miso-glazed grilled eggplant

 Meatless Monday: Miso-glazed grilled eggplant

Shiawase yo! (That is how to say “I’m happy” in Japanese.) After you try this Asian-inspired, miso-infused eggplant dish, you will be happy we brought your new Meatless Monday favorite to your dinner table.

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16. Grilled Caesar salad with dressing

Grilled Caesar Salad with Dressing

Another boring chicken salad? Try again! In this recipe we are throwing everything (lettuce included) on the grill. The heat will bring an interesting taste to the leafy greens and provide a unique plating presentation.

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17. Roasted corn with sour cream, chili and cheese

Roasted corn with sour cream, chili and cheese

It’s time for a twist on a summer classic! Your corn on the cob is instantly fun and zesty with salt and hot chili powder. Slather some Mexican sour cream and squeeze a lime for a first-class finish.

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18. Grilled cheesy potato wedges

Grilled cheesy potato wedges

Take a winter favorite like baked potato wedges and toss them on the grill to add a spark of new life. Blend cheeses like American, colby jack or Parmesan and sprinkle on top. The cheese will melt instantly from the heat of the grill. Talk about heavenly!

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19. Honey flavored grilled sweet potatoes

honeyed grilled sweet potatoes recipe

Sweet potatoes are a fun alternative to the usual white or red. This recipe is as easy as 1-2-3: Slicing, boiling and grilling. Dab on a mixture of Dijon and honey for a delectable tangy sweet topping that’ll be sure to make your taste buds go wild.

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20. Grilled stuffed jalapeños with fresh cilantro lime

Grilled stuffed jalapenos with fresh cilantro lime sauce recipe

Skip the deep-fryer and grill up a healthier version of jalapeño poppers. Stuff those spicy, little guys with velvety sour cream, crispy applewood smoked bacon and a dash of Monterey Jack cheese. Olé!

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21. Bourbon barbecue baby back ribs

Bourbon and barbecue is debatably the best summer grilling combination of all time. Imagine that whiskey, savory goodness slathered over luscious baby back ribs. What are you waiting for? Grab some ribs and run to the nearest grill to try out this recipe!

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