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10 Foods you should give up now

You can’t (and won’t) always eat the most healthy foods. But certain foods are just awful for you. Let’s take a look at the 10 worst foods and why you should give them up now!

10 Foods you should give up now

We know healthy eating can be challenging. But by making little adjustments here and there, it doesn’t have to be as big of a deal. For instance, put nonfat milk in your coffee instead of cream, opt for no mayo or light mayo on your sandwich and cook your veggies in olive oil instead of canola oil. These small things really add up. In addition to making little changes, we recommend putting these 10 foods on your list of items to never eat again. Yes, they’re that bad!



Margarine is loaded with trans fats. According to WebMD, trans fats raise our bad cholesterol, lower our good cholesterol and increase our risk of heart disease. Though some margarine sticks contain “zero trans fats,” it’s always best to use olive oils or butter instead.



We all know regular soda is loaded with sugar, but what about diet? Prevention states that it’s bad for your kidneys, it increases belly fat, it puts you at risk for heart disease and it can cause damage to your cells. Try drinking green tea if you need caffeine or straight-up water with a slice or two of lemon.


Lunch meats

Lunch meats—including bacon, hot dogs and ham—contain nitrates which help give the meat that pinkish color. Nitrates are linked to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Purchase organic meats to avoid this harmful substance.


Microwave popcorn

You either love it or you hate it—but for those that love it, it’s time to switch to popping your own kernels instead of relying on a bag of microwave popcorn. The danger is in the bag, not the popcorn. The bags contain a coating that can cause cancer and respiratory disease, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.


High sugar spaghetti sauce

Spaghetti makes for a quick and easy dinner—and while you don’t have to give it up for good—switch to a sauce with little to no sugar. Next time you’re at the store, compare labels. You’ll be surprised to find that “sugar” is listed as the first ingredient on many popular brands. Look for brands that list sugar toward the end or not at all, or of course you can opt to make your own sauce.


Chips and salsa from a Mexican restaurant

We know chips and salsa is a favorite amongst Mexican-restaurant diners, but you’ll most likely consume almost a days’ worth of calories in the unlimited basket alone. It’s very hard to control the amount your eating when your chit-chatting and sipping on a margarita, so skip this unhealthy, sodium-filled snack altogether.


Soy sauce and
salad dressing

They’re loaded with sodium—which causes bloating, high blood pressure and even heart disease. Both soy sauces and salad dressings have a “low-sodium” option, so choose that instead of the regular stuff.


Bagels and donuts

Bagels have a high carb count and a high glycemic index. Though this may give you energy right away, you’ll most likely crash later on. Donuts are basically sugary bagels, so avoid those as well. Instead, opt for a slice of whole wheat toast with a side of fresh fruit.


Cheese in a can

Adults seem to love spray cheese just as much as kids, but it has virtually no nutritional value and is extremely high in calories. Eat regular cheese instead and spare yourself the stomach ache later.


Fried chicken

Always choose baked or grilled chicken instead of fried. Fried foods are greasy, fattening, high in calories and will clog your arteries. Why ruin a food as healthy as chicken by deep-frying it?

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