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5 Nutrients you may be missing

Do you feel your best every day? If not, you may be missing an essential vitamin that could make all the difference in the world.

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We all know about how important it is to take our daily vitamins and minerals — even if we don’t always follow through.

The average person tries to get in their daily amount of calcium, iron, vitamin C and potassium, but what about all the other necessary nutrients? If you feel tired on a day-to-day basis or just never quite feel like yourself, it could be because your diet lacks some of the more uncommon but necessary, nutrients. Take a look at these five nutrients and see if you’re getting enough of them. If not, try adding them to your diet over the next few weeks and notice the difference in how you feel!




Magnesium helps give us energy and is essential for cardiovascular health. It helps break down calcium in the body. Although calcium is extremely necessary, if it’s not properly broken down it can build up and lead to arthritis. Magnesium can reverse osteoporosis, regulate high blood pressure and even treat insomnia, depression and diabetes.

Foods with magnesium

Rice, wheat, cocoa powder, sunflower seeds, nuts, spinach, beans and oatmeal

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Vitamin B6

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Vitamin B6 helps our bodies maintain normal nerve function and helps in forming red blood cells. It helps your body maintain proper blood sugar levels and even plays a role in regulating sleep and appetite. If you find yourself confused or irritable daily, up your vitamin B6 intake to see if it makes a difference.

Foods with vitamin B6

Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, nuts, vegetables, bran, sweet potatoes, bananas and garlic

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Vitamin B12


Lack of vitamin B12 can result in anemia, fatigue, weight loss, depression and poor memory. The reason is vitamin B12 helps convert carbs into glucose — which is responsible for giving us energy. It helps regulate the nervous system and gives our skin and hair a healthy glow. Not only that, vitamin B12 protects against prostate, breast and lung cancer.

Foods with vitamin B12

Fish, clams, liver, crab, beef, cheese, eggs, milk and yogurt

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Folic acid

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If your diet doesn’t consist of the recommended amount of fruits and veggies, you’re likely falling short in folic acid. The most common symptom of a folic acid shortage is anemia — which is a deficiency in red blood cells causing headaches, fatigue, a sore tongue and poor concentration. By making folic acid a priority, you’re helping to keep your brain young, your heart healthy and you’re helping to prevent colon cancer.

Foods with folic acid

Spinach, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, fish, eggs and chicken

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Vitamin E


Though you only need 15 milligrams per day, most people don’t get that. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves immunity and helps reduce your risk of cancer. It reduces cholesterol, thins the blood and promotes healthy skin and hair. It’s good for the eyes and even helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods with vitamin E

Almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cooked spinach, kale and olives

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