Top 13 chocolate chip recipes

This year, celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15) the right way… WITH TONS OF CHOCOLATE. We’ve got everything from cakes and cookies to layered bars and lip balms all using our very favorite ingredient!

12 recipes with chocolate chips

The only thing that’s more versatile in desserts than chocolate is chocolate chips, and we’re here to prove it. Check out our list of the 13 most delectable treats you can make with chocolate chips.


Chocolate chip-stuffed raspberries

Chocolate stuffed raspberries

This super-sweet and extra-simple stuffed treat requires only two ingredients. It’s all in the name.

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Nutty chocolate chip cookie dough dip

 Nutty chocolate chip cookie dough dip

Want to look innovative at your next party? Whip up a batch of the creamy, doughy, dippable treat!

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No-bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites

No bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites recipe

Beat the heat and skip the oven with these no-bake bites. They’re everything that’s great about a batch of homemade cookies, minus the trouble and risk of actually baking!

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Chocolate chip cookies in a jar

Cookies in a Jar

Layer on the cuteness! These homemade cookies in a jar make a thoughful gift for a birthday, promotion, housewarming or to welcome a new neighbor.

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Cake batter chocolate chip cookies

cake batter chocolate chip cookies

Twist it up with these tasty chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with colorful rainbows of love.

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Cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies

Cornflake crunch

Cornflakes are good for more than just breakfast. Experiment with these creative, yummy cookie treats. Don’t forget the milk — those cornflakes will be looking for their morning friend!

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Mint chocolate chip cake in a mug

mint mug cake

The perfect combination of gooey chocolate and refreshing mint will make these mug cakes an instant hit.

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Deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie

chocolate chip cookie pie

It’s a cookie… it’s a pie… it’s a cookie pie! Serve it in slices, with a scoop of ice cream or just dive in with a fork. No judgment from us!

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Boozy chocolate chip cookie milkshake

Boozy chocolate chip cookie milkshake

Cookie dough vodka, ice cream and chocolate chips? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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Chocolate chip bourbon pecan pie

Chocolate chip bourbon pecan pie

When you bite into this perfectly sweet and fantastically flaky pecan pie, you may just find yourself dancing like you’re on Bourbon Street.

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Crunchy no-bake peanut butter chocolate chip bars

Crunchy no-bake peanut butter chocolate chip bars

With just five ingredients and a little bit of sweet tooth-driven energy, you can have yourself a full batch of these classically delicious no-bake bars.

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Homemade choco tacos

homemade choco tacos

This homemade version of the ice cream man’s classic is sure to rock your world. If you make a few of these frozen treats on a hot summer afternoon, be careful not to play that telltale jingle, or all the neighborhood kids will come running!

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DIY chocolate chip lip balm

DIY Chocolate Chip Lip Balm

Take homemade beauty products to new heights with this deliciously crafted lip balm. With just a bit of melting, meauring and mixing, you’ll have incredibly kissable lips.

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