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How to make brownies on the grill

Nothing says “summer” better than a good old grilled barbecue in the backyard. But grill cooking doesn’t have to end at hot dogs and hamburgers; you can grill your brownies, too! Here’s a how-to guide on how to leave the heat of the kitchen and make your favorite baked goods outside.

How to make brownies on the grill

Step One: The cast-iron pan

First and foremost, the cast-iron pan is what’s going to make grilling brownies a successful experience and not turn it into a hot mess of an afternoon. The pan can sit right on top of the grill and bake your brownies like never before. Cast-iron may be heavy, yes, but it will be worth it when out pops a delicious baked pan of heaven.

Step Two: Find the ingredients

Whether it’s your grandma’s brownie recipe passed down from generation to generation or the ready-to-go brownie mix from Betty Crocker, ingredients are just the beginning. Think about your favorite batter and give it a twist. With Betty Crocker’s mix, you can even add the ingredients and whisk it all in your cast-iron pan. That certainly cuts down on doing the dishes.

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Step Three: Fire up the grill

When it comes to grill-baking, a gas grill is definitely preferred. Get it hot and ready to bake by setting it to about 325 to 350 degrees F. This will give you control of the grill-baking experience and avoids the flavor of smoky brownies.

Step Four: Get your grill on, girl!

As your grill is preheating, mix that batter and get it into the pan. Before you pour, make sure you spray the pan with cooking spray to avoid a sticky situation. Let the batter spread evenly in the pan. Place the pan directly onto the grill once it’s at the desired temperature and close the grill lid. Bake the brownies for 25 to 30 minutes — but check every 5 to 10 minutes to make sure the brownies aren’t burning. We don’t need a brownie disaster on our hands.

Step Five: Ice cream is your friend

OK, so ice cream is not really your friend (even though if we’re going through a breakup it might seem like it) — but it is an added touch to a nice summer day. As soon as your brownies are done, break out your favorite ice cream and top your brownies with it. Make sure you eat it before the ice cream melts!

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