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The vegan wedding

Don’t compromise for anyone when it comes to your wedding or your reception. If you’ve chosen to live your life vegan, you can have an all-vegan wedding reception with appetizers, entrees, cake, even ice cream without any animal products. Here are some tips to ensure your vegan wedding turns out great.

Vegan wedding cupcakes
Your big day is coming up soon, and there are a million things you have to think about: flowers, photographer, DJ, band, first dance, honeymoon and, of course, the food!

If you’re vegan, though, throwing a wedding without animal products is not always a popular decision. Undoubtedly, one or more of your relatives will wonder how you can have a real party without serving a few steaks , chicken or at least some shrimp. Don’t worry — you’re going to serve a vegan wedding feast that will silence the naysayers the first time they take a bite. All you need to do is find the right caterer and ask the right questions.

What does vegan mean to you?

In a perfect world, vegan would mean the same thing to everyone. However, even among the vegan community, it can mean different things to different people. For instance, some vegans will eat absolutely nothing that is an animal product, while others might eat honey or nonvegan white sugar. It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation upfront about what you mean by vegan and what the caterer means by vegan. This is doubly important if the caterer does not make many vegan meals.

What facilities does the caterer have for vegan meals?

You want to know if the same kitchen that is making your vegan meal is being used to make meals with animal products. If it is, you have to decide if you are OK with that, if you need to ask the caterer to not prepare meat products around your food or if you need to find a different caterer.

How many vegan weddings has the caterer done?

It never hurts to understand how experienced the caterer is with vegan meals. Not every city has a caterer that is used to handling the strictures of a vegan diet and, because it’s your wedding, you have the right to know how confident the caterer is that they can handle your dietary needs. If the caterer has not done a lot of vegan weddings, you may need to step in and pay extra attention to the food so that you get what you want.

Can the caterer do vegan cakes?

Lastly, you should be fully aware of all the services that your caterer can provide. Some caterers can do vegan food, but would rather avoid the challenge of making a vegan cake. This is something you should definitely know before choosing the caterer so you can make alternative arrangements.

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