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12 Creative julep recipes for the Kentucky Derby

This year, don’t watch the Kentucky Derby with a tired cocktail. Change it up with one of these creative julep recipes instead.

Off to the races!

This year, don’t watch the Kentucky Derby with a tired cocktail.
Change it up with one of these creative julep recipes instead.

It is traditional to drink a mint julep during the Kentucky Derby because it contains Kentucky bourbon. But we’re adding a little bling with fruity and seasonal varieties!

Fruity juleps for your sweet tooth

Add a sugary touch to your favorite Kentucky Derby cocktail by adding fruit juice.

Kiwi & Mint Julep

Kiwi and mint julep

This fresh tropical cocktail adds the tang of limeade with a minty finish.

Get the recipe >>

Cherry Julep

Cherry julep

Cherry brandy and maraschino cherry syrup combine for a sweet, vibrant flavor.

Get the recipe >>

Pomegranate Julep

Pomegranate julep

Stir up this slightly tart, bright and minty cocktail.

Get the recipe >>

Mocktails for the kiddos

The fun doesn’t have to end for the kids or those choosing not to partake.
They can enjoy the festivities too with a few sparkling mocktails.

Apple Julep

Apple julep

Let the kids root on their favorite horses with this fruity mocktail.

Get the recipe >>

Citrusy Virgin Julep

Citrusy virgin julep

Sip this bubbly virgin drink that is kind of healthy too (hey, it has fresh-squeezed oranges!).

Get the recipe >>

Herb-scented juleps

You can make your own rules when it comes to cocktails,
so forget the mint and use these herbs instead.

Basil Julep

Basil julep

Skip the mint and use aromatic basil instead in this simple recipe.

Get the recipe >>

Tarragon Julep

Tarragon julep

Mint isn’t necessary in this savory julep with a hint of pepper and pine.

Get the recipe >>

Seasonal juleps for all year-round

There’s a julep for all seasons!

Cool Summer Julep

Cool summer julep

White wine and peach liqueur create a refreshing drink on a warm evening.

Get the recipe >>

Warm Winter Julep

Warm winter julep

Sip this warm julep containing peppermint tea on a cold day.

Get the recipe >>

Juleps with different liquors

You can still enjoy these versions of a julep if you’re not a bourbon fan.

Gin Julep

Gin julep

Who knew gin and powdered sugar could taste so good together?

Get the recipe >>

Cognac Mint Julep

Cognac mint julep

For an oaky flavor, swap bourbon for cognac in this woodsy version of a julep.

Get the recipe >>

Rye whiskey julep

If Kentucky whiskey isn’t your thing, give rye whiskey a go!

Get the recipe >>

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