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Create coffee shop latte art at home

Want your at-home latte to have that same sparkle and taste as the ones you pay way too much for at specialty cafes? Follow these easy step-by-step directions and add some art to the top of your cup!

coffee shop art

You know the best part of this at-home art tutorial? It doesn’t require mega expensive equipment or even a steamer. All you need is an espresso maker (we love our Nespresso) or instant espresso, a milk frother and milk. You’ll be on your way to trendy coffees in no time!


  • About 3/4 cup whole milk
  • Nespresso capsules (or instant espresso)
  • Milk frother (we like this one )



Prepare the latte

If using your machine, place the capsule in the top, select the size you’d like and make your latte.

Coffee shop

If you’re using instant espresso, follow the directions on the container.


Heat and foam the milk

Pour milk into a metal or ceramic jug and heat to about 110-120 degrees F. Holding the pitcher with your left hand, place the frother into the jug, deep into the milk but not touching the bottom.

Coffee shop

Turn the frother on and tilt slightly so the milk swirls a little. Keep frothing your milk until all of the bubbles disappear, about 3 minutes.


Lightly pour

Tilting the jug, pour the milk from a distance into the coffee.

Coffee shop

Once you see the milk start to appear on the top of the coffee, carefully hold the stream of milk in the same place, but wiggle the milk pitcher back and forth as you make a ringed circle. When the milk in your pitcher is almost gone, swing the milk up to create the indentation and tip of your heart.

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