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Bring home the bacon (and eggs!): Survey reveals America’s breakfast quirks

It’s said to be the most important meal of the day. With such significance placed on breakfast, PARADE magazine and SheKnows recently teamed up to learn about the habits and routines that make your breakfast stand apart.

Breakfast survey

We asked, you answered! The recent survey conducted by PARADE and SheKnows reveals much about the morning routine of many. Read on to see what America eats for breakfast!

It really is important

Even though it might be tough to get the family ready to start the day or to avoid the morning traffic and make it to an early meeting, more than half the readers who took the survey said they never skip breakfast.

Surprise, surprise

You might find it surprising, but the survey reveals that most Americans have never had breakfast in bed, and those who have found it awkward. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so why not skew these results a little and give mom something extra special! Try one of these recipes as a breakfast-in-bed treat for mom:

Ham, cheese and onion quiche
Crabcake eggs Benedict with bacon hollandaise sauce
Baked brioche French toast with walnut crumble topping
Maple & bacon breakfast cupcakes

Try these bacon and egg toast cups >>

coffeeServe yourself

Have you noticed more and more restaurants (think fast food) offering breakfast menus, and that just about every corner can lay claim to a coffee shop? Even so, people are staying in for their first meal of the day — and cup of coffee. Our survey shows that 77 percent of people enjoy their breakfast at home, and 45 percent brew their own coffee with a standard coffee maker.

Orange juiceOrange
you glad

Our readers really love their orange juice. It ranks as the top breakfast juice by a landslide.

Flip for bacon and corn pancakes >>

Bacon and eggsBring on the bacon…
and eggs

When given the choice, our readers picked eggs and bacon over pancakes and waffles as the most beloved breakfast. This was true even when choosing breakfast-for-dinner options and polled as the people’s choice after a night out enjoying a few cocktails.

breakfast sandwichSugar, meat thy match

We found our readers don’t have a huge sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast: Savory meals beat out sweet and sticky in this survey.

Enjoy avocado, bacon & tomato toast >>

eggIt’s no yolk

With so many options for egg prep, you might be interested to know that scrambled eggs rated as the most popular presentation.

KetchupNot your kind of condiment

Ketchup? No way! Only 30 percent of those polled said they enjoy ketchup with their eggs.

Whip up some maple & bacon breakfast cupcakes >>

baconBring on the bacon

You can’t deny America’s love of bacon. Whether crispy or chewy, respondents voted it the best meat, overall.

cerealWe’re bowled over

When it comes to what Americans pour into a bowl for breakfast, Frosted Flakes is the darling of the cereal aisle, with Cap’n Crunch not too far behind.

Serve up a maple bacon breakfast sandwich >>

It might be tough to roll out of bed some days, but when you do, you know you can count on breakfast to get you through your day!

Breafkast recipes

for breakfast?

Click here for breakfast & brunch recipe ideas!

More breakfast recipes

3 Classic diner breakfast recipes
Breakfast skillet with chorizo and eggs
Baked eggs in bread bowls with cheese and asparagus

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