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How to make the perfect spring lemonade

Upgrade your usual summer drink staple with a spring twist.

There’s something we love about fresh starts. Everything from the warmer weather to the blooming flowers is letting us know spring is finally here! What better way to celebrate the season than with a cool glass of lemonade? With fresh, seasonal ingredients and a few unexpected twists, you can create the perfect springtime lemonade.

spring lemonade

Step 1: Use perfect spring ingredients

The key to any food or drink recipe is using the best ingredients. Spring is the time that lemons are at their juiciest and most delicious. Take advantage and stop by your local farmers’ market for the freshest lemons rather than prepackaged juices that are filled with preservatives and unnecessary sugars.

Spring also means strawberry season. Switch up your usual lemonade recipe with some fresh strawberries by incorporating the juice or cutting up pieces to add color and sweetness to your lemonade.

Step 2: Vary the liquid

Most lemonade recipes call for a few cups of ice-cold water, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try sparkling water instead of still. Sparkling water adds a fun twist to this traditional hot-weather drink. If you’re looking for a more adult version, you can substitute Champagne for water to make a refreshing spring cocktail.

Step 3: Freshen with mint

Mint is the go-to herb of the season. It adds a refreshing touch to any drink recipe. Drop a few mint leaves into your lemonade for a cool kick.

Step 4: Alternate your sweetener

Rather than weigh your lemonade down with excess sugar, try an alternative to add sweetness without the excess calories. Avoid artificial sweeteners and go the natural route with products like stevia or agave nectar that add the extra sweetness you want with some health benefits you need.

Step 5: Have fun with ice

Lemonade is best when ice cold, but you can also have a bit of fun with your ice. Instead of your usual ice cubes that will only water down your drink, try ice cubes made with lemon juice and a touch of sweetener rather than water. They’ll keep your drink fresh and look great in a clear pitcher or glass.

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