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Super snack: Veggie people

Getting your children to eat their veggies can be a struggle. Throw out the “don’t play with your food” edict, and let them have some fun with veggie people!

Super Snack: Veggie People

Eating a healthy serving of vegetables is hard enough as an adult. For children, it’s practically impossible. At least carrots are brightly colored, but cauliflower? It doesn’t stand a chance in the kid crowd. What’s a parent to do? While you cannot force feed your children vegetables, you can make veggies more appealing to them! Who says food can’t be fun?

Creating an interesting vegetable sculpture for kids is one way to engage them in healthy eating. By arranging healthy foods such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower in fun and entertaining ways, you can catch their attention long enough for them to get a healthy snack!


  • single-serving ranch dressings
  • cherry tomatoes
  • baby carrots
  • English cucumbers
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • a large plate or serving platter



To begin, set an opened single-serving ranch dressing at the top of the plate. This will be the head. Line the outer edge of the top half of the dressing with a vegetable such as broccoli, cauliflower or shredded carrots to create hair.


Slice a baby carrot thinly and use the slices as eyes. Place two on each ranch dressing.


Take an English cucumber and slice it, keeping the slices side by side. Place at the bottom of the ranch dressing to form the body of the veggie person.


Next use baby carrots to make arms. Use two baby carrots per arm, one for the lower arm and one for the upper arm. Baby carrots are well suited to this, because they allow you to form expressions for your veggie person, such as the person on the far right who seems to be incredibly confused.

Super Snack: Veggie People


Next repeat the process, using baby carrots to form legs. Expressions can be made here too, such as the person on the left who appears to be running.

Super Snack: Veggie People


Lastly, use cherry tomatoes for the hands and feet of your veggie person.

Super Snack: Veggie People

And with that you have one complete vegetable person as a ready snack!

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