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10 Super easy ways to lose weight

It’s safe to say almost all women want to lose weight — whether it’s five pounds or 50. Between work, taking care of kids, maintaining a house and having somewhat of a social life, there’s no time left to work out and cook super-healthy meals. Instead of attempting to crash diet, try these super easy ways to lose weight.

Woman drinking grean tea

For most, losing weight is one of the biggest challenges we face. We’re surrounded by delicious food, and it always seems like there’s an office party taking place. And yes, we can go to the gym, but getting there seems to be a chore all on its own. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on super-healthy food and rushing to the gym in between work and kids’ activities, try one — or all — of these incredibly super easy ways to lose weight!


Replace all beverages
with green tea

Green tea reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer, lowers cholesterol and burns fat. For one week, replace all beverages (except water) with hot or iced unsweetened green tea. This includes coffee, soda, cocktails, milks and juices. Luckily, green tea does contain some caffeine (about 30 percent of a cup of coffee), so coffee-drinkers do not fear. At the end of the week, you could be down up to 10 pounds!


Take the stairs
when possible

Yes, elevators are convenient, but taking the steps, whenever possible, increases your heart rate and burns more calories. Also, instead of scouring the parking lot for the closest spot, park farther away on purpose. These little things really add up when it comes to losing weight!


Drink plenty of water

We think it’s easier to force yourself to drink a lot of water than to say no to chocolate cake. Are we right? Do exactly that — drink as much water as possible (64 ounces per day is recommended, but try for 100 ounces). It helps keep you full and flushes out your system.


Don’t drink your calories

Juices, sodas and cocktails have anywhere from 140 to 500 calories per serving! Don’t waste your precious calories by drinking them. Opt for diet sodas, gin and tonics instead of fancy cocktails or margaritas, and eliminate juice all together (it’s loaded with sugar).

Woman playing frisby

You can burn 107 calories by
playing Frisbee
for 30 minutes!


Eat small meals
throughout the day

Any advice that encourages us to eat more is great! Instead of eating three large meals, eat five or six small ones. If you’re still hungry after eating, wait 20 minutes to see if it’s passed. It takes food, on average, 20 minutes to reach your stomach.


Get outside

We don’t like the term “working out.” It makes it seem like a chore. Instead, get outside and do something fun with the family! Go for a hike, check out your local zoo, walk the mall or play catch at a nearby park. These activities can burn just as many calories as if you were to hit the gym, but they’re way more fun!


Split meals

Yes, it’s healthier to eat at home, but who really is going to eat at home every day? Not us! So when you do go out, choose to split a meal with your spouse or friend. It’s less expensive and saves you half the amount of calories. If you can’t split, get a to-go bag right away and save half the meal for later.


Use small plates

A large plate with a small amount of food just doesn’t seem as satisfying as a small plate full of food. Use small plates whenever eating meals and small bowls for desserts or cereals. Eat one portion and if you’re still hungry, wait 20 minutes before grabbing seconds.


Only eat at the table

Do not snack while watching TV. You’re more focused on your show than your food, so you end up eating way more, and you don’t enjoy it as much. It’s a lose-lose situation. Instead, only eat at the table, which allows you to focus on and enjoy your food. If there’s a show you really want to watch, wait to eat until it’s over.


Don’t stress

Finally, try to stop stressing over your weight. Make it a goal to be healthy instead of as thin as possible. Live your life, and if cheesecake comes your way, don’t be afraid to indulge in a sliver or two. Moderation is key — and what fun is life if you’re always on a diet?!

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