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11 Best Baking Bloggers Who Prove That Desserts Are an Art

For some of us, baking is something you only do on special occasions or when you have a craving and a box of brownie mix. But really, baking can be something extraordinary, meditative and surprising. That’s what these bloggers have cultivated in their kitchens, and they’ve made it accessible to the rest of us, whether we’ve ever sifted flour before or not.

You might not get it Pinterest-perfect the first time around (and their photography skills are a whole other matter), but these bloggers provide step-by-step guidance for some of the most decadent baked goods available to us. We might as well say thank you and give them a shot.

1. Blahnik Baker

Ginger Cranberry Pie
Image: Blahnik Baker

Blahnik Baker blogger Zainab is the queen of killer flavor combinations. The ginger-cranberry-pear pie above is just one example. She’s also made incredible treats like sweet potato cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, strawberry lemonade pound cake and even grapefruit soufflé. She only started baking in 2012, but her blog is a testament to her incredible talent and sense of taste.

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