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10 Most unique and creative cupcakes

Have you ever wondered what the weirdest flavors of cupcakes are? Look no further – we found five you can buy and, if you’re up for it, five you can make.

Pancake n’ Bacon cupcake

Editor’s pick: Pancake n’ Bacon

Though red velvet and vanilla are always voted the best cupcake flavors, we think they’re sort of, well, vanilla. We like unique cupcakes — those you don’t see every day in your local bakery. These cupcakes are special and bring something weird to the table, all while maintaining a delicious, moist flavor. Give one a try — you may be surprised to find you have a new favorite! Up first: Our top five picks from a bakery.


Pancake n’ Bacon

Instead of starting your day off with actual pancakes and bacon, why not have it in cupcake form. That’s exactly what The Yellow Leaf Cupcake did. Located in Seattle, they make every cupcake with love from scratch. Flavors range from Mojito to Green Tea Latte to our personal favorite, Pancake n’ Bacon!


Beer & Peanuts

Flour & Sun Bakery has taken it upon themselves to combine our love of beer and our love of peanuts into a delicious cupcake. Though the flavor does seem almost too strange, we think it’s the perfect combination of something sweet and something salty. If you’re ever in Pleasantville, New York, make sure to stop in and try one!



The Grasshopper cupcake comes from nationwide bakery Crumbs. We love the unique name, but don’t be alarmed, there aren’t actually any grasshoppers in this treat. It’s simply dark chocolate cake with chocolate icing and mint cookies. Currently, they’re using Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies, which make them even better.


Irish Coffee

Cups and Cakes Bakery, located in San Francisco, California, has flavors ranging from Margarita to Eggnog to Irish Coffee. The Irish Coffee is made with coffee cake (yes, with real coffee!) and topped with Jameson Whisky buttercream. It’s then topped with clover sprinkles to give it even more of an Irish touch. Perfect for the coffee lover in your life!



Babycakes in El Paso, Texas, has the strangest cupcakes by far! The weirdest is a tie between Avocado Cupcake with Lime Cream Cheese frosting and the popular Mac n’ Cheese cupcake. Is your mouth watering yet? Though the avocado cupcake sounds a little strange, it’s a flavor combination we’d love to try!

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