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Valentine tortilla chips

Looking for something special to make for your sweetheart? How about something crispy and delicious that’s shaped like a heart? Here’s just the thing.

Valentine Tortilla Chips

Make this Valentine’s Day a special one by making heart-shaped tortilla chips for your sweetheart. You can’t believe how easy and fun these tortilla chips are to make. And what a special treat for a special day. They taste even better than the basic triangular tortilla chip because they’re shaped in a heart! So surprise your valentine with these crispy heart-shaped tortilla chips served with your favorite salsa. And don’t forget to make extra for the chef.

Valentine tortilla chips recipe

Serves 2


  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 3 dashes of salt
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutters (various sizes)


  1. Lay one of the tortillas on a cutting board. Using the largest size heart-shaped cookie cutter, press down and cut out a large heart. Then lay one of the smaller heart-shaped cookie cutters on the heart that you just cut and cut another heart so that you have a heart “ring” and a full cut-out heart.
  2. Continue cutting as many hearts as possible out of the remaining tortillas. Heat a small skillet on medium heat and add the canola oil. Test the oil by putting one of the tortilla hearts in the skillet and, when the oil starts to bubble, add more hearts to the oil.
  3. When the tortilla hearts turn crispy and are a dark golden color, remove them from the oil, set on a paper towel and sprinkle with salt. Continue cooking the remaining tortilla hearts. Serve with your favorite salsa or guacamole.

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