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How to make a pink Valentine’s Day cocktail

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and there’s nothing we love more than a pretty pink cocktail, especially when it’s a delicious one like this rasmopolitan martini. Whether you’re celebrating with a special date or a group of your favorite friends, this is a cocktail you need to include in your celebration.

rasberry cosmo martini

Step 1: Gather ingredients

First things first. For this luscious libation you’ll need Cointreau orange liqueur, Absolut raspberry vodka, fresh lime juice, white cranberry juice and fresh raspberries for garnish.

Step 2: Chill the glass

The most important part of any martini is to serve it in a cold glass. Scoop some ice into each glass and add water. This will allow the glasses to chill while you’re mixing the cocktail.

Step 3: Start mixing

Start with a shaker full of ice, then add a half-ounce of Cointreau orange liqueur. Next, add one ounce of Absolut raspberry vodka, a half-ounce of fresh lime juice and a half-ounce of cranberry juice. (In general, one shot glass is equal to one ounce.) Cover the mix and give it a good shake. Take your chilled glass, toss out the ice water and pour the mixed cocktail into the glass. Repeat these steps for each cocktail.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy

Once all of your cocktails are poured into the glasses, add a couple raspberries as a garnish and serve them to your date or your friends. The final step is the most important — drink and enjoy. These delicious cocktails will surely add even more fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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