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5 Secret tips to losing weight that work

It’s no secret that losing weight takes hard work, dedication, commitment and desire. When you’re not feeling up for the gym every day or eating right 24/7, there are a few “secret” tips to help move your weight loss progress along.

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According to a survey by the Calorie Control Council, 80 percent of men and women ages 18 and older are weight conscious. More than 50 percent of those people are trying to lose weight. In today’s society — where we’re surrounded by fast food on every corner, weekly office parties and happy hours a few times a week — it can be downright impossible to stick to your diet. Instead of stressing over every calorie, try these unusual (and downright strange!) weight loss tactics that work!

Get more sleep

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Anything that involves sleeping more is a bonus in our book. That’s right — those who sleep more have an easier time losing weight. The American Thoracic Society International Conference showed that women who slept five hours or less per night are 32 percent more likely to experience significant weight gain than those who slept seven hours or more per night. Surprisingly, the women who sleep less don’t take in any extra calories than those who sleep more. So what’s the reason for the weight gain? No one knows for sure — but it could be attributed to less fidgeting during the day and slower metabolic rates by those who sleep less.

Brush your teeth often

Using minty fresh toothpaste after every meal is a surefire way to prevent you from overeating. This especially rings true for those who have trouble with portion control. If you find yourself always going back for seconds, brush your teeth after your first serving. The minty taste tells your brain the meal is over. If you still end up going back for more, the food won’t taste nearly as good as it did the first time, so why bother?

Sniff bananas

Simply put, sniffing bananas relays a message to your brain that you’re full. Smelling bananas before each meal will make you eat less, according to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Women who participated in this study lost 17 pounds per month simply by smelling bananas. Other smells that reduce your appetite include green apples, peppermint and vanilla.

blue plateSurround yourself with blue

The color blue is a known appetite suppressant, so surround yourself with everything blue when you sit down to eat. Use blue plates, blue napkins, blue food dye, blue tablecloths and even a blue light in your refrigerator. Blue makes food seem less appealing. Why? Not many foods are blue — except blueberries — so our bodies don’t naturally produce an appetite response to the color. Also, thousands of years ago, the color normally meant that something was poisonous, which naturally kept us away.

Wear tight clothes

While this isn’t something you’ll want to try in public, consider putting on a pair of tight jeans the next time you sit down for dinner at home. It’s harder to overeat if you’re feeling uncomfortable, so bust out those skinny jeans and bring on the food! Think of this as the opposite of Thanksgiving — the day in which you wear sweatpants to allow plenty of room for all that extra food. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

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