How to make delicious appetizers for New Year's Eve

Dec 27, 2012 at 9:01 a.m. ET

Whether you’re looking to have a traditional New Year’s Eve party or to spice things up this year, learn which appetizers will be a hit with your guests.

Shrimp cocktail

Step 1: Finger foods

The most popular items at most holiday parties are finger foods, so when you're thinking of a theme for your party, try to channel which easy finger foods would please your guests the most. If you're looking for something different, try these bacon wrapped pineapple shrimp, which will surely delight your guests. Want to stay more traditional? Try these delicious four-pepper deviled eggs. Perhaps you're looking to fill up your guests a bit more. If so, look no further than this recipe for grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toast. You can try for the crowd favorite jalapeno poppers as well.

Step 2: Quick and easy

When planning for a large group, try looking for simple but tasty recipes. Cocktail meatballs from a crock pot and a simple cheese platter are always crowd-pleasers and take no more than five minutes to prepare and serve. Looking for a nontraditional route? Try these simple spiced pecans seasoned with brown sugar or these cute cheese straws. And there's always the classic shrimp cocktail that never disappoints.

Step 3: Modern New Year’s

The same food at your New Year’s Eve party every year can turn into a routine, so impress your guests this year by switching up your menu. Adding a twist to old favorites like these delicious seafood spring rolls is easy and fun. Instead of serving traditional meatballs, which can be messy and lackluster, try this recipe for sausage stars. Add some spice to your menu with these Sriracha chicken wings; you can even use the leftover sauce for dipping other foods in. These polenta crostinis are like tasty cheese crackers, which will surely please the kids! With a modern menu, guests young and old can enjoy the food and festivities without getting bored.

All of these options can be applied to whichever theme you choose for your party and they are sure to please the masses!

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