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How to stand out at the holiday party without looking like a strobe light

We’ve all attended holiday parties with gray-haired ladies who are wearing dresses and jackets that look like a bedazzler threw up all over them. Bless their hearts — they just want to look fancy. But there has to be an easier way to garner attention in a room full of sparkly stuff. Well there is. Here’s how it’s done…

sequin dress

Use sequins sparingly

Shiny things cast a spell over most women. We see something that sparkles and reason goes out the window. If you choose to wear an embellished frock, make certain that your dress’ decor has been applied judiciously.

A sequined collar, cuffs, hem or skirt is acceptable. If you choose to wear a tank top covered in sequins, pair it with a plain skirt and vice versa. A crucial rule of thumb is that the sequins must match. Whatever you do, do not buy an article of clothing where every color of the sequin rainbow is represented.


Budget your bling

One of the most successful ways to gather appreciative glances at a holiday party is to wear something simple, coupled with several fun pieces of bling. Think of yourself as a Christmas tree. The tree itself is kind of basic, right? It’s the ornaments that make a tree pretty. But a Christmas tree can quickly resemble a Christmas nightmare if you throw every available ornament, light, tinsel, garland and candy-cane on it. When it comes to party-wear, consider a simple dress with a long and heavy necklace and a shorter more detailed necklace. If you do this, skip earrings or wear something small and simple. Switch this concept around by wearing chandelier earrings that would make Beyonce jealous, but skip the necklace. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a good cuff. Cuffs are bold and sexy and are the perfect ornament for your wrist.

wrap dress

A good fit

Your best accessory is an outfit that flatters your shape. It doesn’t matter how much your husband spent on those diamond earrings — if you are 10 pounds overweight and stuff yourself into a size six, you’ll be getting attention for different reasons. Accept your physical shortcomings and dress around them. You want people to notice the great pair of shoes you wore, not the fact that your a** looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket. Don’t forget that the most important piece of your holiday wardrobe is what no one else sees — Spanx. Squeeze into whatever body armor is necessary to ease out any lumps and bumps.

eggplant dress


If you want to stand out at a holiday party, black isn’t going to do it. Everyone wears black during the holidays, but when you think about it, how festive is that? Yes, it helps to disguise weight, but it’s also worn to funerals and in board rooms — or is it bored rooms? Consider a dash-o-fab by dressing in the colors of the season — red, green or winter white. A splash of the right shade of pink or eggplant is something to consider too. If the color you choose is well accessorized and fits you well, you will be the belle of the Christmas ball, and everyone will be whispering about how you look — for all the right reasons.

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