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5 Bento box lunch ideas for girls

Bento boxes are a great way to make lunch interesting and exciting for kids. They will bring a smile to your child’s face and entice them to try new foods. When composing a bento box lunch, remember to include a variety of textures, colors and food groups. Here are five fun bento box ideas that any girl would love.


Butterfly Lunch

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox

Butterfly bento box

This lunch contains peanut butter roll-ups and grape skewers, snack mix, cucumber slices , blueberries and an orange.


Flower Power

Packed in a GoodByn

Flower Power bento box

This lunch contains cheese, crackers, strawberries, grapes, carrots and celery.


DIY Bagel Pizza Kit

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox

DIY Bagel Pizza

For this bento, there is a mini bagel, small container of pizza sauce, mini turkey pepperoni, shredded cheese and diced apples. Kids will have fun building their own bagel pizza for lunch!


I Heart You

Packed in a Planet Box

I Heart Your bento box

This lunch has a heart-shaped jelly sandwich, with a mini-heart cut out and filled with sprinkles. In the smaller compartments are heart kiwi and blueberries, graham cracker cookies, carrots and a heart container of dressing for dipping.


Princess Power

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox

Princess Power

For this bento box, there is a princess crown sandwich, crown-shaped cucumbers, fruit leather, yogurt and a fruit salad.

Bento tip

Silicone muffin cups, food picks and cookie cutters are the perfect tools to help you bring a bento lunch to life. These cheap tools can be purchased at most major grocery stores.

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