5 Bento box lunch ideas for boys

You love the idea of creating those cute bento lunches, but you don’t think your son would appreciate butterflies, right? Well, if that’s all that’s stopping you, take a look at these five ideas that boys of any age would approve.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds Bento Box

The characters from the Angry Birds game are everywhere, from T-shirts to fruit snacks. Leave the cute panda bentos to the girls, and go for this fun theme. Candy eyes stuck onto a boiled egg with egg white will add the perfect, protein-packed punch.


Under the sea

Under the Sea Bento Box

Who doesn’t love the beach? Your son will have to smile as he is opening up his lunch to find these friendly octopi relaxing on green-dyed ramen noodles. Add fish crackers, cheese cut in the shape of goldfish and sandwiches or cheese cut in starfish shapes.


Captain America

Captain America Bento Box

Captain America is a superhero who was created right here in the USA. Your son may not be able to stop trains or zip from place to place at hyper speed, but he’ll clean up his lunch extra fast with this fun theme. The cute, red- and white-striped macaroni are available already made in your grocer’s refrigerated section.



Autumn Bento Box

Use cookie cutters to cut out autumn-themed sandwiches and cheese slices. Snacks like dried cranberries and pecans add color, flavor and nutrition.


You are my sunshine

Sunshine Bento Box

Marshmallow clouds, candy rainbow dust and lots of bright, sunshiny color will make the most dismal autumn day a lot more fun. Use Nerds candies, an orange, sliced hardboiled egg and anything else that looks warm and inviting.


Buy a set of edible markers to add eyes, smiles, and other small details. These are usually available at your favorite craft store.

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