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How to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving

Whether it’s your first vegetarian Thanksgiving or you’re a meatless veteran, it’s always awkward to be the person at the table who can’t eat meat. Luckily, there are plenty of meat-free alternatives that will satisfy you on the big day. Whether you’re hosting or want to suggest a few alternatives as a guest, these are easy and delicious dishes for all vegetarians at the table.

How to… have a veggie Thanksgiving
vegetarian thanksgiving ideas

Replace the turkey

butternut squash lasagna, kale and toasted almond quiche or ravioli with green beans and butternut squash.

The big bird you need to replace at the table is probably your biggest obstacle. Don’t worry, you herbivores won’t have a difficult time. Don’t try to replicate the turkey with tofu or “tofurkey.” Instead, just find a tasty alternative. Feel free to get creative here — try our meatless (and fall-appropriate) recipe options, including butternut squash lasagna, kale and toasted almond quiche or ravioli with green beans and butternut squash. You won’t miss that bird at all!


Modify that stuffing

veggie stuffing

Stuffing is the absolute best part of Thanksgiving, and since meat is only a small ingredient to the best stuffings, you won’t be missing anything at all here. Vegetarian stuffings also give you a chance to indulge in the season’s tastiest fruit and vegetables — apples, cranberries, pumpkin, apricots, etc. There is no wrong way to do stuffing, but there is a better way and we call that vegetarian, with SheKnows’ recipe.


Add a
great side

Baked Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Another popular side dish is ham, sausage or some other meat. Opt for a tasty vegetarian side dish instead that’s different from everything else on the table (so you don’t get bored). One of our favorite dishes is baked pumpkin mac and cheese — you’ll have the whole table wishing they were vegetarian too. Thanksgiving is all about comfort food, and nothing says comfort more than mac and cheese with a little homey fall twist.

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