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Thanksgiving wines on a budget

Just because you don’t have a huge budget for a Thanksgiving feast doesn’t mean you can’t have great wine to accompany your dinner. These wines are best for Thanksgiving on a budget and won’t break the bank.

Thanksgiving wine

Seeing red because your in-laws are making you feel a little crazy? No need to stress over which wines to serve this Thanksgiving. These wines will be great with your menu, and they won’t break the bank. While the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for,” budget wines might surprise you. When planning your Thanksgiving feast, don’t let expensive wine put you in the red. Sit back, take a sip of your own favorite wine, and let’s start the Thanksgiving budget wine list.

Pour out of the box!

Back in the day, boxed wines would never even be considered for something as important as a Thanksgiving holiday meal. Times have changed dramatically, though, in quality, brand and taste, so don’t judge a wine by its “box.” Take Black Box, for example. Black Box wines offer multiple varietals that last longer than regular bottles, and they are so easy to open. Black Box brand wines are not only superior in taste, but they are extremely economical. One box holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine. At an average price point of about $20 to $25 (which averages $5 to $6 per bottle), what a deal! This means if you have extra house guests or dinner guests, you should still have plenty of wine. Black Box riesling is an excellent choice for a sweeter, more acidic white wine that is versatile for everything from the turkey to the dressing and the sweet potatoes. The Black Box cabernet sauvignon has a sweet, blackberry scent, a smooth mouth feel and a peppery-blackberry taste — a delicious addition to serve as your holiday “house” wine. Black Box even makes a moscato, which is the perfect finish to pair with your pumpkin and apple pies.

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wineInternational on a budget

Looking for something that is not in a box? Try a Spanish varietal. Tapeña Tempranillo, which can be called the “pinot noir in blue jeans” and is only $10! This balance of plums and hint of orange peel pairs beautifully with everything from paella to turkey and has a pleasing mouth feel for the sophisticated taste buds. Why not continue with the Spanish wine theme and offer something bubbly? Champagne can be so pricey, so consider serving a Spanish cava. Seguras Viudas Brut Rosé has enough weight to stand up to the proteins on the table and is the perfect palate cleanser for rich foods. At just $10, you could buy a couple of these cavas to share and enjoy. Freixenet Cordon Rosado is a beautiful bubbly with a light, strawberry pink color and complements both appetizers and seafood dishes. It will please your guests with tastes of refreshing cherry fruit and light acidity, and it will please your wallet at just $12 a bottle.

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If you are raising a glass to toast with your family and friends as you count your many blessings, at just $12 a bottle, Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut is a sure win. With a crisp, clean taste of various citrus and an apple-pear combination with a hint of ginger, it is versatile enough to drink alone or with your meal. How can you not count your many blessings, from your favorite great-aunt to that odd-ball in-law, you can raise a glass and be thankful for the family surrounding you. Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving as you sip and savor these delicious wines that will keep your budget in line.

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