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Best equipment for the grill master

If grilling is your giftee’s passion, give a gift to make it easier or more fun. Check out these holiday gift ideas for the grill master.

The grill master has the grill, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use some equipment and accessories.

BBQ briefcase

BBQ briefcase

Whether grilling in the backyard, at the park or on the beach, grill masters need the right tools. They can fire up a feast no matter where they are with this grill-side case of 20 stainless steel utensils. These cool tools have heat-resistant handles and are organized in a convenient traveling case. The BBQ briefcase (Amazon, $83) includes everything from a marinating brush to kabob skewers to corn holders.

iGrill thermometer |

Digital grilling thermometer

Grill masters don’t have to hover over the grill to make sure the meat is the desired temperature. With the iGrill Digital Thermometer (BBQ Guys, $80), they can use the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad in the kitchen (or anywhere else) to monitor the meat outside on the grill. With this thermometer, you can also download the iGrill app, which has a grocery list, recipes, grilling tips and more.

Grill light

Cordless grill light

The grilling doesn’t end when the sun goes down. With this cordless stainless steel grill light (Amazon, $35), the grill master will be able to see what he’s doing, no matter how dark it is. This light clamps easily to almost any surface and has an 18-inch flexible neck. The four LED bulbs last up to 500,000 hours and the 3 AA batteries are included.

Grillling shears |

Grilling shears

Grilling shears are a necessary tool for any grill master. It’s multi-functional for scaling, peeling, cutting wire and small bones, opening bottles, caps and cracking seafood and nuts. The non-slip grip eliminates the fear of the long blades of carbon steel, which are also easy to clean. A great pair of grilling shears (Amazon, $14) will make the life of a griller much easier.

Sliders set

Sliders mini-burger set

Mini-burger sliders are perfect for appetizers (or for kids). The grill master can turn nine sliders with one flip with this mini-burger set (Red Envelope, $30). The set includes a triple burger press to create the perfect-size sliders, a bun cutter for slider buns and the nine-slider, non-stick grilling basket.

Wok topper |

Wok Topper

With any well-grilled meal, there are grilled vegetables, but grilling them can be difficult without the proper utilities. This wok topper (Amazon, $15) serves as a great vegetable basket for any healthy snacks you want to whip up. With this tool you can add a side of tasty veggies with ease.

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