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Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas — Because Not Everyone Loves Turkey

6. Pork roast

Image: Cook the Story/Pinterest

Pork: It’s the other white meat — and it’s also one of the most versatile meats to cook, to boot. You can slow-roast the pork and slice it thin like you would turkey, slow cook it and shred it into pulled pork tacos or even serve pulled pork barbecue. This slow cooker brandy pork roast is ridiculously moist and tender. Take that, dry turkey!

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7. Salmon fillets

Image: Well Plated/Pinterest

Does your family prefer fish to red or white meats? Then by all means, serve up salmon in place of your turkey this year. Salmon is a very mild fish, so it’s easy to pair with a ton of different sauces without overpowering your senses. This slow-cooked salmon with fennel and coriander is bursting with flavor.

8. Ham

Image: No. 2 Pencil/Pinterest

Think ham is just for Christmas dinner? Think again! Ham is a great option for your Thanksgiving dinner since it, like turkey, is relatively easy to prepare, pairs well with just about any kind of side dish and can feed up to 12 people with just one cut. Plus, the leftovers make for a pretty mean sandwich! In addition, ham is often cheaper per pound than most frozen turkeys. No. 2 Pencil’s slow cooker ham with maple brown sugar glaze pairs perfectly with candied yams.

9. Lamb

Image: Simply Recipes/Pinterest

If you’re looking for a little fancier menu option for Thanksgiving, skip the poultry and the fish and go for a stunning rack of lamb instead. Lamb is a hearty red meat that is stunning to look at and delicious to eat. If you’ve never made lamb before, try this easy and delicious recipe for rosemary-garlic-crusted lamb chops.

10. Beef stew

Image: Life Made Sweeter/Pinterest

If you’re looking for a humble, make-you-feel-good, low-budget option for your Thanksgiving meal, look no further than a big batch of beef stew. This easy dish is comforting, nostalgic and delicious, plus it is perfect for those really chilly November nights. For a true family-style meal, place the pot on the table and share a few loaves of crusty bread. This apple cider beef stew swaps traditional red wine for a seasonal fall flavor that your whole family will love.

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