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Kitchen cleaning checklist

The kitchen is the hub of the household and keeping it clean can be a challenge! Using this simple checklist, you’ll have your kitchen to spic and span in no time.

Woman cleaning kitchen
The kitchen is the hub of the household and keeping it clean can be a challenge! Using this simple checklist, you’ll have your kitchen to spic and span in no time.

How to keep a clean kitchen


Think about the number of times unwashed hands open the refrigerator door! Keep your tallest appliance nice and clean with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routines.


Wipe down the exterior with warm soapy water and dry with a clean cloth, or use a disposable wipe, such as Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes (especially good for those germy refrigerator handles).


Clean the shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator and toss old leftovers and expired foods. (Plan to do this the day before the garbage man comes.) Reorganize and update your grocery list.


Move the refrigerator and vacuum behind and underneath it. Keep an open box of baking soda inside the refrigerator to absorb odors and replace monthly.


Your kitchen will look and feel cleaner if the countertops are always clean.


Wipe down the counters at least once a day — probably more, if you’re a three-squares-a-day family. Use warm soapy water or a disinfecting wipe — and try to contain crumbs before they hit the floor.


Clean the backsplash as you would the countertops. Dry to prevent streaks and water spots. Use a basket to gather things that don’t belong on the counters — jewelry, mail — to return to their rightful homes.


If you have specialty countertops, refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning methods, solutions and sealing recommendations.


Cooking on a dirty stove is unappetizing, so keep yours nice and clean!


Wipe up spills before they can bake onto the surface of the stove. For tough jobs, sprinkle baking soda onto a damp cloth, scour and rinse. Remove any foods that may have fallen to the bottom of the oven while baking.


Use a disinfecting wipe to clean the microhood or vent. Remove the stove knobs and clean behind them. Wipe down oven door.

2–3 Times a year

Pull out the stove and clean the walls and floors behind it. Run the self-cleaning oven.


Save floor cleaning for last since much of what you cleaned from other parts of the kitchen may end up there…


  • Use a damp paper towel or a disinfecting wipe to clean small spills and scuffs… and get to them before they have a chance to dry.
  • Working from the walls toward the middle of the room, use a dry sweeper or dust mop and dustpan to take care of errant crumbs.


  • Using a damp paper towel or your vacuum’s crevice tool, clean the corners you may have missed with daily sweeping.
  • Wash the floor using a cleaner that’s recommended for your flooring type or a safe homemade solution of water, vinegar and a drop of dishwashing liquid.


Ew! Bacteria love kitchen sinks and faucets. After you’ve cleaned the rest of the kitchen, make sure your sink is germ-free.


After washing dishes and/or loading the dishwasher, clean faucets and sink with disinfecting wipes. Dry (because germs prefer damp places).


Deodorize drains by pouring 1 cup baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup hot, distilled vinegar. Let sit for five minutes, then flush with hot water.


Sanitize the garbage disposal with a commercial kitchen cleaning solution or a homemade cleaning agent like those found on How To Clean Stuff.

Expert Tip

Clean from the top down so dust from the cabinets doesn’t fall onto clean countertops and then onto clean floors. ~Bruce Lubin, author of Who Knew?

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