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Top five ways to keep the kitchen clean while cooking

Cook and then clean? We think not! Here are five tips to clean your kitchen while you cook.

woman in a clean kitchen with dinner prepared


Use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for quick fixes.

Starting off with a clean kitchen is the key to keeping your kitchen clean while cooking. Pre-clean your counters and floors to create a clean and inviting atmosphere. Starting off with a clean kitchen will trick your mind into keeping it clean.

Off limits

If you want to keep your kitchen clean while you’re cooking, close it off to family members. While this may be a hard task for your younger children, older children will be more than obliged when threatened to help clean up the mess. Keep toddlers occupied by setting up their play kitchen items in close proximity, encouraging them to cook along with mommy. If dad is home, suggest that he take the kiddos to the park while you prepare the evening meal.

The right spot

Selecting a specific place in the kitchen to cook a meal can help keep your kitchen clean while cooking. When using the stove, utilize the counter space alongside for an easy and convenient place to cook. If your kitchen is adorned with an island, utilize only the island, transferring food into the appropriate dinnerware straight from the mixing bowl and to the stove. Portable islands are great for smaller kitchens and easily stored. We love this black, sleek island priced at $161 from


One essential way to keep your kitchen clean is to prep your food. Take out the essential items needed for your meal, alongside appropriate mixing bowls — we love Target’s 6 pack pinch bowls by Michael Graves for a steal at $6 — and measuring cups and prepare what is needed prior to doing the cooking. Prepping the needed ingredients will assist in keeping your mess more manageable and much smaller.


If you’re a mom and wife, multi-tasking is second nature. Take your skills into the kitchen and clean while you cook. Saute onions while cleaning out a mixing bowl and reuse it for the chicken. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out to avoid any burnt food. Use a cute kitchen timer to keep track of meal time. The Neato Shop has caught the Owl fever with this cutesy Owl kitchen timer priced at $18.

Extra Tip

Print out these great food coloring sheets; kids can color tonight’s meal while you cook it!

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