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The dirtiest kitchen surfaces and how to keep them clean

The kitchen is probably the easiest room in your home to get dirty. Here are a few quick tips on keeping the dirtiest surfaces clean.

woman scrubbing stove

Oven range

The oven range is the collect-all of your spilt foods and liquids. To keep your oven clean, grab a steel wool pad and get to scrubbing. The combination of the wool and soap will keep your oven-range in tip top shape and can even fight those nasty grease spills. Do it on a bi-weekly basis to keep your range looking shiny and new.


The sink is the hidden germ of your kitchen. Washing out food containers, hands and other miscellaneous items can leave sinks dirty and filled with bacteria. Regularly wash out your sink using an eco-friendly item such as salt and lemon to avoid build-up and a stinky drain.


Countertops are another dirty kitchen surface. Between eating on them, cooking on them and serving food on them, the countertop is probably one of the most touched places in your kitchen. Keep clean by doing a daily wipe down with a Colorox disinfecting wipe or another kitchen disinfecting cleaner of your choice.

The floor

Not only do your feet touch your kitchen floor but so does your food. Hidden spills of salt, sugar and who knows what else falls to your kitchen floor on a daily basis. Keep clean by doing a quick sweep nightly and a once a week scrub using bleach or ammonia.

Scrub your tile grout with one of these great handmade cleaners from Integrity Stone & Tile Company.


The dishwasher has one of the most important and busiest jobs in your kitchen. Over time build-up can occur because of hard water, grime and food. Keep your dishwasher in tip top shape by running a cup of vinegar by itself through a cleaning cycle once a month. The vinegar and hot water will clean out any buildup and get your dishes back to shiny new.

The refrigerator

The refrigerator is easily one of the dirtiest spots in your kitchen. From food stains to liquid spills, the refrigerator is the catch-all of the family leftovers. Keep your refrigerator clean by scrubbing with hot soap and water and then spray with a homemade solution of baking soda, vinegar and ammonia. The solution allots you to avoid any wipe down and averts from any mildew or mold build-up.

For more tips on keeping your refrigerator clean, check out HGTV’s easy and quick tips.

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