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Quick tips for a cleaner kitchen

Your kitchen is a happening place in your home. Keep it spic and span with these great tips.

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Tip: Can’t get leftover food off of pans? Soak them in hot water and a tablespoon of ammonia for an easier clean.

Ammonia is a miracle worker in the kitchen. Not only can is it useful for cleaning tile, but is also works wonders on your dishwasher, stove burners, inside your oven, sinks, and so much more. However, since it is a strong chemical with serious reactions, ensure that you are using your ammonia wisely. Networx Cleaning Services advises that you mix seven cups water to one cup baking soda and one cup ammonia. When cleaning with ammonia open windows and doors to ensure that you are not breathing in the fumes directly. Also, never mix ammonia with bleach as it can cause a bad chemical reaction.


Tip: Use vinegar outside of the kitchen by mixing with hot water and lavender oil to create your own fabric softener. has even more ideas for cleaning with vinegar in your home.

Vinegar is another fabulous cleaner for your kitchen and a lot safer than ammonia. Distilled vinegar is an eco-friendly liquid acid that can do wonders on many household items. Clean out dishwasher buildup by running a cup full of distilled vinegar through a normal wash cycle, or polish sink fixtures to their original splendor combining vinegar with salt. Even with its pungent smell, vinegar is an awesome deodorizer. Mix vinegar and baking soda together to clean out kitchen drain sinks, and wipe down ovens to avoid that annoying smell that is created from a newly cleaned oven. Quick, simple and cheap, vinegar is a great commodity in any kitchen.


Tip: Take your lemons into the bathroom. Make a zesty facial scrub with honey and lemon with this tutorial from

Like vinegar, lemons are a great eco-friendly cleaner for your home. Natural and equipped with a great smell, lemons are great quick fix cleaners for any kitchen. Awesome for disinfecting and cleaning cutting boards, as well as removing stains from over-used Tupperware, a lemon has much more use than just lemonade. Use your lemon as a scrubber for buildup around sink faucets and eliminate discolored laminate countertops. Scrub grout stains with a lemon solution, and keep your refrigerator fresh with a cut lemon in an open container. Just don’t forget to switch it out weekly to avoid any funky smells.

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