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Cut down on clean up! Tips for cleaning up as you go!

You’re a busy lady with lots of things on your to-do list. Here are some quick tips to cut down on your cleaning routine and save time for things that really matter… like cake!

woman holding basket of clean laundry

Don’t create mess

One of the best tips for cleaning as you go is to avoid creating mess. Did you take out a pan that you didn’t use? Put it away! Strip down for a shower? Throw your clothes into the laundry basket immediately instead of letting them pile on the floor. Cut your laundry routine with a sorting basket. Having all of your colors in one basket, whites, and darks in the other will save you extra time in the laundry room. Decide not to wear a shirt that you already took off of the hanger? Hang it up right away rather than tossing to the floor. Avoiding creating a mess will save time on pick up and for deep cleaning devotion later.


Multi-tasking is a great way to keep your home clean while completing a project. One of the best ways to multi-task while cooking is to unload the dishwasher while water boils or sweep the floor while the soup simmers. Prepare food ingredients the night before. Having dinner ready to cook will bank more time for clean up later. When in the bathroom, scrub a toilet while waiting for your water to warm up for your shower or wipe down counters while your children enjoy their evening bath. Multi-tasking will make you feel much more productive and accomplished in smaller amounts of time.

Allow time for cleaning

Allowing time for cleaning up is one of the best ways to keep your home clean while you go. Always give yourself an extra ten to fifteen minutes for dinner, getting ready in the morning, or doing one of those many Pinterest projects you’d like to tackle. If you don’t have an extra ten to fifteen minutes, take five. Even a little bit of clean will help you later. If you allow the time in your task to clean, you won’t have such a mess to undertake when doing your deep cleaning afterward. Also, cleaning up the mess once you’re finished will take stress off as a messy room can cause a stressful lady.

Cleaning gadgets

A great way to clean while you go is the use of gadgets. Equip your cleaning closet with a Swiffer, a steam mop and clean-up wipes to simplify cleaning. A Swiffer will pick up dust particles in minutes, while a steam mop will avoid using the old fashioned mop and bucket. Clean-up wipes are a wonderful commodity because they are quick and disposable. Cleaning gadgets may come as a small investment, but is one that will pay off in time.

Extra Tip

To avoid grime build-up in the bathroom, wipe down counters daily with a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe.

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