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Boozy pumpkin pie milkshake recipe

As much as we all love the taste of pumpkin pie, who actually wants to make it, bake it and then wait more than an hour for it to cool? Don’t bake your pie, drink it instead! This pumpkin pie milkshake tastes just like a piece of pie, except chilled and spiked with liquor!

Boozy pumpkin milkshake

Each sip of this chilled and decadent dessert has a creamy, slightly spicy flavor with a small crunch from the graham crackers. This year, consider whipping up a big batch for your office holiday party. Everyone will need a little something to take the edge off and will rave over its seasonal richness.

Boozy pumpkin pie milkshake

boozy pumpkin milkshake

Recipe adapted from Tidy Mom

Serves about 2



  1. Place all of the ingredients (minus the graham cracker) into a blender. Blend on low until mixture is creamy. If too thick, add additional creamer or vodka. If not thick enough for you, add additional vanilla ice cream.
  2. Garnish milkshakes with whipped cream, pumpkin pie spice and graham crackers. Enjoy!

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