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Liquor-infused gummy candy

Combine two yummy guilty pleasures into a delightful party treat.

Drunken gummies

Gummy candies are a popular candy. What better than to combine them with one of the party essentials: liquor. Mix the two together and serve for party guests to slurp down. These drunken gummies are a college classic updated with a more sophisticated look and adult taste.

What you’ll need:


  • A bowl with cover
  • Paper towels
  • Something for serving your gummies, such as candy cups, shot glasses, or mini drinking glasses


  • Your favorite flavor gummy candy
  • A liquor that pairs well with the flavor



Select your gummy candy

There are many different flavors and varieties out there. Choose whatever you or your guests will enjoy the most. One possible suggestion is the gummy cola bottles.

Burger gummies | Drunken gummies

As for those with a sweeter tooth, burger gummies offer a less subtle flavor than the coke bottles.

Soda bottle gummies | Drunken gummies


Select your liquor

Pick out a liquor that pairs well with your candy. A couple of options for the cola bottles could be rum or Jack Daniels. A lime-flavored rum creates a rum and coke with lime.

As for the burger gummies, you can serve these up for those who can’t stomach harsh liquor flavors by pairing with whipped cream or cake vodka.

Liquor | Drunken gummies

Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!



Place gummies into a bowl and pour liquor into bowl until the candy is just covered.

Pour in liquor | Drunken gummies


Soak the gummies

Cover the bowl and refrigerate.

Soak the gummies | Drunken gummies


Have another…

How much liquor you would like soaked up into your gummies depends on how strong you want them. Once the candy has soaked up the liquor, pour some more alcohol into the bowl.

Add another round of liquor | Drunken gummies

Some may only want to pour and soak a few times, others much longer. The more they absorb, the softer they become. Just remember to keep them in the fridge when infusing.


Mix together

Every few hours or once a day, don’t forget to use a spoon to make sure the gummies on top get their alcohol intake as well.

Stir gummies | Drunken gummies



When the gummies are good and liquored up and the big day has arrived, you have the option of drying off your treats. Spoon them onto a paper towel to dry on the outside.

Drain the gummies | Drunken gummies

This is an option, and may not be necessary. Some prefer to leave them more wet in order to encourage a “slurp factor.” Others prefer them a little more dry for less messy handling.



Get creative. Any appetizer or party food server works wonderfully. Feel free to add garnishes and toothpicks.

Soda bottle gummies | Drunken gummies

Burger gummies | Drunken gummies


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