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In a pickle: What to do with overripe bananas

Bananas tend to become overripe quicker than I can say, well, “overripe.” One day they’re perfectly yellow just waiting to be consumed, and the next they’ve turned into brown mush. One can only make so many loaves of banana bread, so what else can be done with these mushy, overripe fruits?

overripe banan


Overripe bananas tend to make the best smoothies. The overripe banana gives the smoothie a sweet taste without having to add any sugar (added health bonus!). Delicious ingredient combinations include bananas, strawberries, yogurt, ice and orange juice or sherbet. Play around with it until you find the exact combination that works for you. Just toss your favorite ingredients into a blender; it’s nearly impossible to mess up a smoothie.

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Breakfast foods

Spice up the ordinary, traditional breakfast foods by adding mashed, overripe bananas. Banana muffins, banana pancakes and banana waffles make for a scrumptious treat on a Sunday morning. Follow whatever recipe you typically use, only add in one to two mashed bananas before cooking. Delicate and subtle, scones are perfect for breakfast on the go. Next time, kill two birds with one stone and get your fill of caffeine with these banana coffee morning scones.

Puddings and pies

Use your overripe bananas to make a fantastic dessert for a party, a work get-together or simply just because. Banana pudding and pies are typically easy to make and will last up to four days in the refrigerator — that is, if there are leftovers. And you can never go wrong with chocolate and bananas, so whip up this easy banana chocolate pie the next time you have ripe bananas to put to good use.

Cookies and cakes

Similar to banana bread, banana cookies are a delicious after-school snack for kids or a quick pick-me-up for yourself. Most recipes involve oats or nuts for an extra jolt of protein and are often cake-like in texture. And what goes better with cake than ice cream? Plan ahead and freeze your bananas to make these skinny peanut butter banana milkshakes. For banana overload serve with this gluten-free banana cake.

Ice cream and yogurt

Homemade banana ice cream and yogurts make for a refreshing treat on a cool, fall day. The ice cream’s easy — frozen bananas, milk and cinnamon blended together. As you can see, there are very few calories and virtually no fat in this “ice cream.” For the yogurt, purchase a plain yogurt of your choice and fold in mashed bananas mixed with milk. The bananas naturally sweeten the yogurt and give it a full-bodied flavor. For an adult version of this creamy dessert, mix up this boozy banana split milkshake.

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