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Guilt-free treats for kids

Play with your food! Kids love food toys, so whip up a few of your own with things you probably already have around the house. Create fun fake food with simple craft supplies to make sweet treats without the calories. Kids will have fun helping make these guilt-free treats (each one requires adult supervision) while you give them something cute and sweet to play with.

Fake cupcake

Cookie cutterCut-Out Cookies

Pull out your favorite cookie cutters. Trace the shapes onto cardboard or thick cardstock. Cut out the cookie shapes. To make the cookies look like sugar cookies, apply a thin layer of glue — a glue stick works great for this — over the entire top of the cookie. Sprinkle with real sugar. Add a dash of cinnamon if you want your cookie to look like a snickerdoodle. Next, use craft supplies like glue, glitter and puff paint to decorate the cookies.

Felt Donuts

Lay two pieces of donut-colored felt (oatmeal for a cake donut, brown for chocolate and so on) on top of each other. Using a round object like the bottom of a peanut butter jar, trace a circle into the felt. Cut out the circle. Inside the center of the circle, draw another, smaller circle either freehand or by tracing a smaller jar. Don’t cut this circle out yet. Instead, sew around the line you drew — then cut out the felt on the inside of your sewn line. Next, sew around the outside of the big circle, leaving a small opening to turn it inside-out. Turn the donut through the hole. Fill the donut with stuffing or even pieces of scrap fabric until it’s all the way full, and then slipstitch the opening shut.

Cake Postcard

Cut a sponge into two cake-shaped wedges. Cut a slice of foam from the center of the sponge — this is where the “icing” will go. Paint the sponge wedges any color, and allow them to dry. Trace a wedge on cardboard to be the postcard side of the cake. Adhere the cardboard to the sponge with spray glue, and allow it to dry. Use caulk in a pastry bag to “ice” the cake. Pipe caulking down the cutout you made, and pipe the icing around the top and side as if you’re decorating a cake. Allow it to dry for three to five days. Finally, draw a line down the middle of the cardboard — which will become the postcard side — allowing space on the left side for your message and space on the right side for an address and postage.

Watch the step-by-step video

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