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Funfetti cake batter martini recipe

Cake batter has taken over the culinary and food blogging world and is being used in way more than just cakes. From ice cream to cookies to dips, Funfetti is finding new and delicious places to show its face. Of all the delicious Funfetti cake batter concoctions out there, this martini recipe has got to take the cake (no pun intended). Each sip has that delicious sweet and creaminess you’d get from dipping your finger in raw cake batter with the amazing buzz you get from vodka. Two of our favorite worlds have just combined.

cake batter martini

Every sip is filled with decadent cake flavor (without the pesky raw egg business). Plus, the bright, festive sprinkles make this drink the perfect addition to any party, ladies night or even bridal shower. Now you can have your cake, vodka and sprinkles in one pretty little glass!

Funfetti cake batter martini

Recipe adapted from The Novice Chef

Yields about 4 martinis

cake batter martini recipe


  • 6 ounces Pinnacle cupcake-flavored vodka
  • 2-1/2 ounces white chocolate liqueur
  • 4 ounces heavy whipping cream
  • 4 ounces white creme de cacao
  • 2 ounces Cupcake vanilla frosting flavored vodka
  • 4 ounces amaretto
  • Sprinkles


  1. Pour sprinkles and a dash of heavy whipping cream into separate shallow bowls. Dampen the rims of six martini glasses with a paper towel then dip into the whipping cream and then immediately into the sprinkles to coat the rims. Repeat until each glass has a sprinkled rim.
  2. Then, combine all ingredients in a large martini shaker filled one-third of the way full with ice. Add a shake of sprinkles into the mixture then shake vigorously. Strain the mixture into your sprinkle-lined glasses and enjoy!

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